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September 3, 2008

LOTD for September 3

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Men with the allele 334 gene are much more likely to cheat on their spouses and have less satisfied spouses. Men with two copies of the gene were twice as likely to have a marital or relationship crisis in the past year:

The Iraqi army and Kurdish militia are close to a confrontation in the disputed city of Khanaqin. If this leads to an armed conflict, the fragile peace in Iraq between factions will be shattered:

iRobot was awarded a $200 mil IDIQ contract from the Army:

The Navy wants a robotic tuna, especially since the real tunas can swim up to 50 mph:

Interesting that these eco-friendly explosives may also be more accurate:

Purdue is the top choice for recruiters in the aerospace and defense sector, with Penn State #2, Illinois, Maryland and Virginia Tech tied for #3, Georgia Tech #6, and Arizona State, Ohio State, UCLA, UC-SD, and Washington tied for #7. The top 3 graduate schools for recruiters in aerospace/defense are Georgia Tech, Purdue, and UCLA:

Interesting new mobile device company called Peek. They are targeting “soccer moms” with their design and offering an e-mail ONLY (no phone service!) mobile device for $20 per month. I do not understand how they expect people to carry another cell phone in addition to their phone…especially since smartphone devices are so much cheaper now:

Apple is being sued for selling too many 3G iPhones and overloading AT&T’s network, resulting in speeds far slower than advertised:
Article link

The 3G iPhone is the best-selling phone at AT&T stores, passing the Blackberry Curve:

7 reasons to use Google Chrome and 7 reasons not to:
Infoworld article

The hackers have been exposing a number of security holes in Chrome:

Saying that Gov. Palin’s speech tonight is highly anticipated is actually an understatement!

This blog about Alaskan politics provides some interesting info on Gov. Palin, her church, and her view of the Iraq situation:

The next version of Picasa (Picasa 3) became available today:

ABC took all 21-pages of ads in TV Guide and now CBS will have 20 pages in People magazine to promote their Fall lineups:

NBC and News Corp (Fox) created Hulu and NBC will have the season premieres of some of its shows on Hulu *before* they come out on TV:

Amazing that this cat survived a 2.5-hour, 70-mile trip while on top of a spare tire *under* a truck!

Gannett now owns a controlling share of CareerBuilder:


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