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September 4, 2008

LOTD for September 4

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Honda is releasing their Prius-competitor in April 2009–the new Honda Insight. This will be a 5-passenger car slightly smaller than the Prius and it will get an estimated 60 mpg. The huge news is that it will cost just $18,500! At that price Lori and I will be happy to wait for it to come out before we get a second car:

Article about how all the car companies are rushing to get high fuel efficiency right now, and cars will soon pass 80 mpg! The next stage is expected in 2 years, where the use of plug-in hybrids becomes commonplace. Different car companies are working on very different types of hybrid technology, so it becomes a competition between technologies and engineering:

US Special forces attacked al Qaeda on Pakistani soil–I guess we’ve given up on pushing Pakistan to combat al Qaeda and are going after them directly. In the past, the US refrained from this at Pakistan’s insistence, but with the new government in Pakistan in turmoil, I wonder if the US got their approval or just decided to go ahead without their blessing. The PR battle is on now, with local residents claiming that US forces killed a large number of women and children and the US denying it:

The US military has 761 sites active military “sites” in other countries, not counting any sites in Iraq, Afghanistan, and any of the secret locations:

JPL engineer says that by analyzing human shadows from aerial or satellite footage we can spot terrorists. This “gait analysis” is supposed to be pretty unique to each person:
Article link

Interesting that they have now come up with an anti-invisibility cloak that would negate the invisibility cloaks being developed. However, it looks like metamaterial technology would need to be developed much further for the anti-invisibility cloak to be created:

DARPA-funded work appears to have found that quercetin (naturally occurring substance contained in fruits and vegetables) fights against the flu and helps with endurance. Quercetin is found in red onions, grapes, blueberries, tea, broccoli and red wine:

Wow, the Broad family just donated $400 million to the MIT/Harvard biomedical research center that is named after them. That is a record for biomedical research in academia:

Did Georgia stage some photos to try to win the propaganda war with Russia?

The IEEE 802.11r standard is expected to boost VoIP over WiFi since allowing roaming over APs is critical for VoIP usage:

Problems with TD-SCDMA has China Mobile very interested in getting LTE as soon as possible–some of China’s vendors may skip 3G and go straight to 4G especially China Mobile since the Chinese government is forcing it to use TD-SCDMA for 3G:

According to comScore, the US has now passed Europe (28.4% vs. 28.3%) for 3G adoption. It should be pointed out that comScore says that Europe has 63.4 million 3G users, but Informa said in May that Europe had 101.5 million WCDMA subscribers…and unless comScore is claiming that WCDMA is not 3G, the numbers aren’t close to matching up:

It should not be a surprise that Google expects the Chrome browser to be used with Android:

Benchmark testing of IE 8 vs. Google Chrome:

Article about why the iPhone isn’t a good fit for China Mobile and the Chinese market:

I didn’t realize that some people are trying to create a union for IT workers. The variety of jobs and skills required, plus the type of people that go into IT, would seem to make it hard to create a strong union:

Sony had to recall 73,000 laptops due to a short-circuit and overheating problem–one user has been burned and at least 15 cases of overheating are known of:
Infoworld article

Interesting that Longhorn football games bring in visitors who spend $142 mil, and the rest of UT-Austin sporting teams bring in an additional $31 mil:
Article link

German police are searching for someone who went 62 mph, far above the speed limit…on a skateboard!

Man lost his hat on a Magic Mountain ride and climbed TWO security fences to try to get it! He was hit by a roller coaster and is in critical condition:

This is for LOTD reader Eric–Texas A&M fans sure are delusional!


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