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September 5, 2008

LOTD for September 5

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The SBIR program got a short term extension until 3/20/09, so the SBIR program can keep operating until March instead of having to shut down until the new rules are in place:

Up to 20 million people in China are at risk of floods and power outages for the next decades or even centuries due to the earthquake in May:

Apparently, US troops will NOT be leaving Iraq in large numbers to go to Afghanistan, as was previously reported. So, our military leaders previously acknowledged that we do not have enough troops in Afghanistan but we aren’t going to do anything about it?

Iraq is interested in buying 36 F-16s, worth between $3 and $4 bil:

Rumor is that Samsung is planning to buy SanDdisk:

Verizon did VERY well in the latest call quality survey, AT&T and T-Mobile did not do well in any region of the country:

The BlackBerry Storm (RIM’s first touch-screen Blackberry) has been delayed until mid-November:

It looks like Dell’s new mini-notebook is pretty really attractively ($349 with Ubuntu), and that it will be even cheaper for people who sign up for a contract with a cellular carrier:

Standard & Poor’s analyst downgrades Sprint and predicts it will have credit problems…bad sign for Sprint’s future outlook and I’m sure that Sprint’s stock took a dive after this report:
Article link

Smart glasses could allow people to immediately help find their missing items, showing the last place they saw any item:

Pretty interesting that Japanese researchers have created “virtual” objects in the air–invisible (because nothing is really there) objects that people can touch and interact with:

50-foot-tall, 37-ton robot spider is in Liverpool. It was built as artwork and paid for by UK taxpayers:


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