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September 8, 2008

LOTD for September 8

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I followed this closely when I was a professor and the problem is worse now–the declining numbers of Americans going into science and technology fields has gotten so bad that it is said to be a national security problem now. Amazingly, within 2 years over 90% of scientists and engineers will be working in Asia! Japan graduates twice the number of engineers than the US, China graduates 4x. There just will not be enough engineers that are American citizens to fill the needs of the DoD:

One big problem with Engineering in the US is that too few girls decide to pursue science and engineering fields–this study shows that it isn’t ability, but instead the self-confidence that needs to be instilled by parents and teachers is lacking. Stereotypes are still believed by many adults,and that affects the choices that middle school and high school girls make. I’m glad that my wife is a strong role model to my girls and I’ve been working hard to make math fun to them, so we are doing our part to work against this stereotype:
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Interesting analysis about how China has moved up the launch date for their first space flight with a spacewalk:

South Korea announced the first puppies born from parents who were both cloned dogs:

M/A-COM was supposed to have completed parts of their contract with NY back in December of 2006. They have now been sent a default letter and have 45 days to fix ALL problems or have its multi-billion dollar contract terminated. M/A-COM will have to reimburse New York for all of the money that they spent on equipment:

Very interesting article about how Pakistan’s troops on the Afghan border have been actually shooting at US troops when they are supposedly helping the US fight the Taliban. In other words, Pakistan pretends to fight the Taliban to get money from the US, but their border troops have actually been on the Taliban’s side. Interesting discussion on how the Taliban’s presence results in the US giving billions to Pakistan and how Pakistan’s economy would collapse if the Taliban-motivated US aid went away. The Pakistan Army is friendly with the Taliban and sends army officers to show respect at every funeral of a Taliban fighter?

McCain criticized Obama for Obama’s plan to slow spending on the Future Combat Systems program…even though that was what McCain wanted to do in 2006. I’m thinking that no matter who wins there will be cuts or delayed spending on FCS to save money:

Patent application hints at a Google Navy:

Google has already patched 2 of the security holes found in Chrome last week:
Article link

The FCC is giong to try again on the D block auction:

T-Mobile is getting its first HSDPA handset:

Vodafone is selling Dell’s new mini-notebook. Dell says that it is “inevitable” that mini-notebooks with 3G built in will be subsidized by cellular carriers:

Instead of grouping people into categories like “Nascar Dads” and “soccer Moms”, the new categories include “oil-filter liberals” and “insecticide conservatives”. Interesting that Democrats are 48% more likely to go to Starbucks and they now prefer Scion over Volvo. Republicans drive SUVs more and they surprisingly start saving for retirement much later than Democrats (often waiting until their 50s and 60s!):

Not surprisingly, bottled water sales have been slowing down:

282 newspapers and Zillow have teamed up to form a nationwide online real estate advertising network:

Interesting how flies can so quickly detect a threat from a fly swatter:

“Flying” silver Asian carp jumped out of the water and knocked a teenage boy unconscious! His jaw is wired shut and he apparently has whiplash:


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