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September 9, 2008

LOTD for September 9

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Another article about how M/A-COM has been told by New York that they have defaulted on their contract and are about to lose the $2 bil deal:

Interesting how McCain criticized Obama yesterday for his plans to save money by slowing down spending on FCS…when McCain’s campaign has released a budget calling for the entire FCS program to be eliminated! I guess McCain didn’t know that his own campaign decided on FCS:

Biologists are close to creating a new life form! Thank you to Ben for this link:

The world’s biggest particle accelerator will start tomorrow (thank you to Ben for the link):

Silicon Valley startup has developed uncloneable RFID chips. This is timely considering some of the links I’ve been finding for the LOTD lately about hacking into transit systems via RFID cloning:

It is good that New Orleans fared well in their Gustav preparation, but I hope that people don’t ignore the warnings the next time a hurricane is headed that way:
Article link

Pretty cool that this omnivorous engine can efficiently run with gas, ethanol, or butanol:
Article link

It is amazing how so many every-day items have been used as improvised weapons by the US and others:

Wow, Blackberry had 53.6% of the smartphone market in the US in the second quarter. Apple’s market share in that quarter decreased because people were waiting for the 3G iPhone to be released:

Apple and AT&T have been hit with the *third* lawsuit over the 3G iPhone:

Palin billed Alaskan taxpayers for per diem for 312 days that she spent at her own home during her first 19 months in office. I would love to be able to collect per diem when I’m home! The head of Alaska’s Commerce Department had to resign over collecting per diem when staying at his home in the 80s and commissioners were told in the 90s to NOT charge per diem while at home…the $25k for her daughter’s travel expenses and $19k for her husband’s travel expenses will also be scrutinized, but I think that is a much smaller issue than the per diem:

Bloomberg picked up a 6-year-old story on United Airlines’ bankruptcy and their stock plummeted 76%! Most of that has been recovered, but there seems to be about 10% or more lost that was of no fault to United!
Article link

Allegations have been made that software patches were applied to electronic voting machines in Georgia even though the machines were not having any problems–a Diebold consultant said that a top Diebold executive ordered the patch to be done secretly (Georgia election officials were NOT told about it) and that it changed the election results, responsible for the surprising election results where two heavily favored (in pre-election polls) Democrats lost by large margins:

Surfer in Australia was towed 170 feet out to sea by a shark!


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