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September 10, 2008

LOTD for September 10

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The US is trying new tactics to try to get Bin Laden. It is interesting how so many CIA and military experts now agree that shifting resources out of Afghanistan to Iraq in 2002 was a mistake that the US still hasn’t recovered from:

Very comprehensive article on countering IEDs in Iraq:

The US got a “C” grade in the Weapons of Mass Destruction report–I hope that the new President implements at least some of these suggestions:

The Army plans to have robots comprise up 30% of our ground forces by 2020:

The $35+ bil tanker contest between Boeing and EADS/Northrop was canceled. The contract will now be awarded under the next President. Boeing is the winner here in my opinion because it was asking for more time to come up with its revised bid. Plus, Boeing will make billions on the maintenance contracts for the old tankers until the new ones are ready:

It looks like NASA might have to abandon the space station because the rift between the US and Russia over the Russia-Georgia has resulted in the US having no capability to get to the Space Station for 5 years after the space shuttle is retired:

Interesting to read about the 51 things that Google Maps cannot show:

The DOE announced they have up to $7 mil available to accelerate the commercialization of clean energy technology:

Mazda has developed a clean diesel engine that will show up in cars for sale in Europe next year:

Steve Jobs promised that the iPhone 2.1 update on Friday will fix a log of iPhone bugs. The iTouch 2.1 update is already available for download:
Infoworld article

RIM just launched their first flip phone–available later this year on T-Mobile. I’m more interested in the Blackberry Bold than on this flip phone:

Comcast said that the $14.55 billion Clearwire deal could close by the end of the year:

A key member of the Senate Judiciary Committee is concerned that the big 4 cellular carriers have more than doubled the price of text messaging since 2005, without a corresponding increase in costs on their part, possibly due to how competition has been reduced due to all of the acquisitions in this space:

More companies are now supporting Qualcomm’s Gobi technology, which would bring HSPA and GPS support to notebook computers:

Wow, last week Chrome had 0.7% of the browser market share, but for some reason IE lost 1.4% of their browser market share. The other 0.7% went to Firefox and Safari. That implies that basically ALL of Chrome’s market share was taken from IE and the introduction of Chrome somehow also boosted IE’s other competitors:

This poor 54-year-old man with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) has eaten 23,000 Big Macs! He eats one or two a day and keeps all of the receipts in a box. His OCD has resulted in him wanting to track his consumption of Big Macs. Amazingly, he’s not really overweight: 6’2″, 185 pounds:

Funny how KFC is making such a big deal (armored car, police motorcade, handcuffed briefcase) about having to move its secret recipe:

KFC’s secrecy over its secret recipe seems pretty extreme! Only 2 of their executives at a time can have access to the recipe?
AP article


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