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September 11, 2008

LOTD for September 11

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I’m about to leave to catch a plane, so the LOTD is being sent out early today.

Some of the first responders on 9/11 (NY Army National Guard) are currently deployed in Afghanistan. The ceremony that they had today must have been extremely moving:

The US military says that we are losing in Afghanistan and that time is running out on US and NATO forces there. Unfortunately, we can’t send much more troops because Bush changed his mind on moving some troops over from Iraq, and we can spare a ton of money for aid to Iraq (even though they have $80 bil or so in surplus that they cannot spend!) but we apparently cannot afford aid money for Afghanistan to improve their infrastructure and try to win over their people:

Bush has apparently approved secret orders to allow US special forces to carry out ground assaults in Pakistan without approval from the Pakistani government:

Al Qaeda headquarters strongly criticized Al Qaeda in Iraq:

Google is investing $10 mil in geothermal power:

Concentrated solar power plants (also called solar thermal plants) could end up providing all of the power that our country needs:

Amazing that 77% of France’s electricity comes from nuclear power and they haven’t had any major accidents–they sure are experts in this area:

Power plant just opened in Germany that is the world’s first coal-fired power plant that doesn’t release any carbon dioxide into the atmosphere:

The Russian Army has a new UAV:

George Mason and NSF have been working on finding the best strategies to support our science teachers who are being hired now with little or no training in education or teaching experience:

Network problems by AT&T are really hurting the 3G iPhone’s performance:

The Blackberry phones will now has customized access to MySpace–going after the mobile social networking segment:
Press release

RIM also signed a deal with TiVO so Blackberry users will be able to control their TiVOs anywhere they are:

This reviewer studied the Chrome code and found that its code is much easier for developers to work on than the Mozilla codebase:

Ford will be selling a 65 mpg diesel Fiesta–unfortunately, only in Europe (thank you Tom!). It is unfortunate that taxes on diesel are much higher than on regular gas, which means that Europe has a lot more diesel cars than the US:
Article link

25-year-old man was caught having sex with the corpse of a 92-year-old woman…yuk!

Italian woman was briefly awoken from a coma in order to get married…unfortunately this is not a fairy tale and there is no happily ever after for the married couple:


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