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September 15, 2008

LOTD for September 15

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Amazing how kidnapping is the biggest thing (by far!) for Somalia’s economy. Fishing (the biggest legitimate industry) brings in $1.5 mil and kidnapping can bring in up to $30 mil per year!

Looks like the $800 mil hypersonic plane (Blackswift) program is dead:

The IEEE has started working on the Gigabit WiFi standard. The prediction is that the standard will be done in 2 years and within 3 years we will have WiFi that runs at a Gigabit!

Apple got positive initial results from their iPhone software patch/update:

Amazingly easy way to hack the 3G iPhone and get it to work without a contract with AT&T–just put in a prepaid SIM card. No actual hacking needed:

Interesting that the 3G iPhone is NOT popular in Japan–projections are that Apple will sell less than half of what had been predicted:

Florida Atlantic will get $173 mil from Clearwire by leasing its unused spectrum (which all schools could get in the 80s, intended for distance learning):

Motorola has started trialing LTE on Verizon’s network:

The airline industry is targeting WiFi as a way to bring in much-needed revenue:,0,2867803.story

The flight attendant association wants a porn blocker for in-flight WiFi. I actually agree with this because kids will be able to see what is on other people’s laptops. But the precedent has already been set with all of the other porn sources allowed on planes, so I don’t see how they would be able to enforce this ban:

It is *really* sad that 87% of professionals bring their PDA into the bedroom and 35% would pick their PDA over their spouse if they had to choose one!

Interesting to read about the controversial clean energy propositions that we will be voting on in California soon:

Interesting cryptography utility protects a computer even if it is infected by keylogging viruses:
Infoworld article

This woman almost missed her wedding to a New England Patriot’s player because they were in Vegas and she was up $40,000 on roulette:


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