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September 16, 2008

LOTD for September 16

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The government of Pakistan has ordered their troops to *fire at US soldiers* if US troops launch attacks across the Afghanistan border. So, the Pakistani Army has basically been ordered to shoot at US troops that are pursuing Taliban or Al Qaeda targets like Bin Laden!

The Air Force has been preventing offshore drilling for oil off the coast of California:

Chevy unveiled their 2011 Volt plug-in hybrid. It can go 40 miles on its plug-in charge before it has to rely on its gas engine. Chevy says it will cost just 2 cents per mile to drive the Volt for its first 40 miles!

The University of Colorado was awarded the $485 mil Mars mission. Unfortunately, the 9-month delay in selecting a winner (due to a conflict of interest) raised the cost by $10 mil, delayed the mission by 2 years, and instead of getting 2 years of science-gathering now we just get 1 year:

After buying EDS, people expected HP to lay off some workers…but the 24,600 total seems like a huge number to me!
Infoworld article

The Blackberry Storm appears to be coming soon…and it will probably be a huge seller for Verizon. I’d rather have the Blackberry Bold, but lots of others probably want the touchscreen:

AT&T plans to try to get U-Verse and the iPhone to work together:

Looks like T-Mobile will be able to offer the Android-based HTC Dream next month…so much for the earlier speculation that it was delayed until next year:

BMW cars in the US will be able to access Google Maps and Google search starting with the 2009 models:

It is CRAZY that 31,500 cell phones were lost in NY cabs over the past 6 months! People also forgot kids, dogs, cats, and even a sawn-off shotgun:

I would REALLY worry about baby milk from China. A probe found that 20% of China’s dairy farms produce melamine-tainted formula. Infants should not be getting kidney stones and kidney illnesses from baby formula! Melamine was what caused the pet food contamination in the US last year:


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