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September 17, 2008

LOTD for September 17

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The US embassy in Yemen was attacked–at least 16 people died:,8599,1841777,00.html

Funny how yesterday morning McCain said that the economy was “strong” and a few hours later his campaign had changed the term to “total crisis”. I think that Gore’s “invented the Internet” claim was worse than the McCain campaign’s “created the Blackberry” claim…but it had to be embarrassing!

The Air Force plans to use a lot of Micro Air Vehicles (tiny UAVs that look like birds or insects). They hope to get the MAVs to be bird-sized in the field by 2015 and bug-sized by 2030:,0,7757745.story

DARPA is funding work that is trying to get UAVs to be able to operate continuously for 5 years. Storing the solar energy is just one of the problems that has to be overcome in order to stay in the air for 5 years:

NY is the first state to get the enhanced driver’s licenses. They cost a lot more than regular licenses ($80 vs. $30 for a regular driver’s license), but they allow people to go to Mexico, Canada, Bermuda, and the Caribbean without needing a passport. However, I’d rather just get a passport than pay $50 more for the driver’s license!

I remember when I was trying to get the Engineering part of Santa Clara University covered with WiFi in 1998…people thought of me as a radical! Even when I got companies to offer to donate the equipment, it took SCU about 2 years to agree to let us put up WiFi. Now, it is amazing to read that 99% of US Universities will have WiFi coverage by 2013! Interesting that Universities are the biggest early adopters of 802.11n:

Rumor is that Verizon will start offering service without a contract starting on Sunday:

Best Buy is buying Napster for $121 mil. This company used to be named Roxio, but it bought the Napster name:,0,6058005.story

Interesting how after the AIG bailout the US government is basically the biggest sponsor of pro soccer team Manchester United ($50 mil over the next 2 years):


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