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September 18, 2008

LOTD for September 18

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It is AMAZING to me how San Antonio has found a way to make money and renewable energy off of their sewage! If this is good for the environment, provides a renewable source of energy, and will make the city of San Antonio $250k per year, I hope all cities do this soon! One thing for sure is that the residents of San Antonio will keep providing the necessary material for them to use:

Pretty cool how this research is Australia may result in drought-stricken farmers to grow crops using salty groundwater:

Man-made fertilizer has resulted in much higher nitrate levels in the drinking water in the US:

46 million Americans are now affected by drugged drinking water:,CST-NWS-water15.article

The FDA blocked the import of more than 30 generic drugs from manufacturing plants in India:

NSF found that federally funded academic R&D rose 1.1% in FY2007, to $30.4 billion. That is actually a 1.6% decline from FY2006 when adjusted for inflation. FY2006 was 0.2% below FY2005, so this 2-year decline in federal funding is quite unusual…and this is serious because the federal government is the biggest source of academic R&D funding (62% in FY2007, 64% in FY2005).
Article link

Johns Hopkins spent the most on research–$1.55 billion in FY2007. This is the 29th year that Johns Hopkins was #1 on the R&D spending list!

Panel says that the Department of Homeland Security has overseen $15 billion in failed contracts:

Flying hover car bike has been offered to the US military. However, I wouldn’t call a vehicle that is 21 feet by 23 feet a “bike”:

Some private companies are proposing to use red light cameras and speed cameras to create a nationwide network to monitor cars in the US. The UK is just starting a similar network.

Nortel really is in trouble now, especially when you consider their future growth. They pulled out of WiMAX because they said they were going to commit their resources for 4G on LTE…and now they announced they will stop doing LTE too!

Nextwave just got $100 mil in financing, so they won’t be shutting down next month. At their current burn rate, this $100 mil should take them through the end of the year or a little past that. Hopefully they get some revenue coming in fast, as they have a nice building near where I live and my wife gets some notary jobs there:
Press release

It is sad that the US is so far behind in broadband access compared to countries in Europe and Asia. I hope that Sen. Inouye’s bill gets passed and actually makes a difference to speed up the proliferation of broadband access in the US:

The first Android-based cell phone will showcase the Google brand:

Apple is developing an ARM processor for their next iPhone:

The poor and the elderly will get free WiFi in San Francisco:

Kohler has actually added WiFi to its high-end bathtub line:

About 17 million US households do not have landlines. Interestingly, those who go wireless only talk on their phones more (45% more than those with landlines) and save about $33 on average:

Texting while driving is more dangerous than drinking and driving or smoking pot and driving!

Pretty amazing that some Orlando residents found out that their 8-year-old community was built on top of a World War II bombing range that wasn’t completely cleared. In other words, their homes are built on top of bombs! I’m guessing that is pretty bad for their housing values (the homes cost between $200k to $600k and some banks value the homes at ZERO dollars)…over 200 bombs were found so far, some weighed up to 23 pounds! Lots of bombs were found at the middle school…one bomb was found in the landing pit for the long jump! Could you imagine jumping into a pit that has a bomb underneath it?,1,60135.story

It is hard for me to believe that in today’s society we have young women auctioning off their virginity:


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