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September 19, 2008

LOTD for September 19

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Apparently China’s dairy products (like milk, yogurt, and ice cream) are contaminated with melamine (plastics and resins) that is banned from food! Apparently, Chinese factory owners were purposely adding melamine to their products to make them appear to contain more protein–they supposedly stopped, but would you trust the products now?
Article link

Expert says that solar energy can supply all of the energy needed in the world:

Pretty cool that these plug-in hybrids can get more than 100 mpg:

DARPA wants cheap, clean coal to be the fuel for Air Force jets:

Extremely critical article about Pentagon weapons buying:

Interesting “Batman-like” ship is effective against drug runners:

The US State Department employs 8 professional internet trolls who push back on websites that are unfriendly to the US. I never knew that trolling could actually be a career…I’ve known people who sure did a lot of it in their free time!

Interesting that plants under stress (drought, attack by insects or fungus, etc.) make asprin!
Article link

Lockheed delivered the first Littoral combat ship to the Navy:
Article link

It is horrible that Gov. Palin’s e-mail account was hacked! She has enough problems on her own that she doesn’t need this!

A big problem with how the hackers showed the public how easy it is to hack a Yahoo e-mail account is that now many others might get hacked the same way:

Speaking of security problems, it is quite sad that Colorado counties were putting documents on the web that contained people’s Social Security numbers!

SAIC got $11 mil from JIEDDO to help manage their Enterprise Management System:

M/A-COM’s President vows that they will fix the problems with their $2 bil project–but the article lists just how badly their network did in the previous round of test…ouch!

Analyst says that the Android-based HTC Dream phone will grab 4% of the smart phone market by the 4th quarter of this year:

T-Mobile and Nortel say that they demonstrated the first real-world LTE connection:

There are more cell phones in our country than people 13 or older:

Pretty neat that Disneyland is free for anyone who is having a birthday. Also, for passholders like my family if we go on our birthday they will give us a free Disney ticket that is good for a year that we can use for others, or store/restaurant credit worth the value of a ticket:


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