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September 20, 2008

LOTD for September 20

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If you were predisposed for a disease, would you want to know? Sergey Brin’s wife started a company that provides the testing:

The city of Tampa needed money to buy supplies to defend itself during the Civil War, so they borrowed $299.58 from a storekeeper on 6/21/1861. Now, one of his ancestors is suing the city of Tampa for $22.7 million, which is that amount of money plus 8% interest per year!

Man in London spent $12k on a diamond engagement ring, and had an idea to get a dozen balloons and let his girlfriend pop the balloons as he popped the question. Unfortunately, the balloon with the ring floated away as he was leaving the jewelry store! His girlfriend is no longer speaking to him…

Pretty cool that scientists have discovered the language for these monkeys–they have an actual vocabulary based on the sequence of sounds made:

It is pretty sad how US businesses lose $800 to $900 mil every Friday the 13th because people don’t want to travel or make decisions on that day!

UC-Berkeley raised $1.1 BILLION to enable it to match salaries from other Universities to retain their top professors. The interesting thing to me is that now that this is publicly known, Berkeley professors who have no intention of leaving now have an incentive to get an offer from some other University because they know they will have the offer matched:

Very interesting study found that the more that kids are spanked, the more likely they are to have sexual problems as adults. The study also found a link between spanking and relationship violence and mental health problems:

It is really sad that 1 in 4 teenage girls in the US has an STD:


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