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September 21, 2008

LOTD for September 21

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Funny how this man played the lottery all the time using the birthdays of his kids. However, this time he forgot his glasses and made a mistake with one of the numbers…and it turned out that the mistake made him win the $3 mil lottery! He went back to get a ticket with the correct birthdays and that ticket won him $1000:

It is awesome that he donated that $3 mil lottery win to his church!

This lottery winner won $6 mil and offered to give $600k to his church…but the church doesn’t approve of the lottery so they turned down the money!

It is amazing how airlines are charging up to $300 per surfboard checked in…much more than what they are charging for things like golf clubs!,0,2223741.story

Interesting study finds that many undecided voters are actually decided in their subconscious…they just don’t know what their mind has already decided:,0,2284725.story

It is really sad that this Cuban tae kwon do Olympian attacked the ref after losing the bronze medal match…and Fidel Castro said attacking the ref was justified:

Interesting that winning one gold medal costs a country on average $37 million in training costs:

If NBC could show what goes on in the Olympic Village as described by this former Olympian, they would get crazy ratings on a cable channel!


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