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September 22, 2008

LOTD for September 22

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I had a web teleconference today that had some technical problems, so while they were fixing stuff I was able to do the LOTD for today.

Has a 12-year-old come up with the key for widespread use of solar energy?;_ylt=AjSYG23tcXa_iPL_5cbU5OkjtBAF

Looks like men should not use headsets with their cell phones in their pockets…not if they are planning to have kids anyway:

Pakistani troops reportedly shot at US helicopters today!

Israel is now using its “skunk bomb” to disperse Palestinian protesters. This sound like a good way to disperse crowds, much better than shooting rubber pellets or other techniques and are used around the world:

China is REALLY ramping up its space program! They are about to do a space walk in preparation for the building of their space station:

Looks like Northrop will get a large termination fee from the government to make up for the cancellation of the tanker contract:,0,7521700.story

Apple recalled the 3G iPhone charger:

Infoworld article

Sony now has a whole line of products in its Made for iPod and works with iPhone line:

This LG cell phone has an 8 Megapixel camera!

Qualcomm is planning to make satellite connections available for multi-mode cell phones:
Press release

Looks like Sprint’s Xohm will launch on October 6:

The new Clearwire got $3.2 billion from Intel/Google/Comcast/etc., but they say they need $2 bil more:

Interesting that Nextwave says that the $100 mil they got will last them into 2010 when they had said recently that the $71+ mil they had on hand would only last them a couple of months unless they got new financing. Selling off one of their businesses, laying off 20% of their workforce, and a huge reduction in overhead costs will allow them to stretch their money a lot further. Allowing the funders to buy 40 million shares at a penny a share *really* reduces the value of their existing stock!
Press release

Analyst prediction is for laptops and cameras in te future to have both WiMax and LTE:

Kodak has a new WiFi photo frame:

We’re about to see lots of ads and new product offerings for tissues–who knew that was a $1 bil business? Kleenex is coming out with a 3-ply tissue!

Instead of putting missing people on milk cartons, they are now putting pop/rap/rock/soul/country artists to try to spread the word on health, nutrition, and exercise:


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