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September 23, 2008

LOTD for September 23

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I’m stuck at my gate waiting for my flight to DC, so I was able to do the LOTD today. I’m not sure if I’ll have time to do the LOTD the rest of this week since I’ll be gone until Friday night, but I will try.

Pretty sad that the new Bell helicopter being designed for the Army is 2 years behind schedule and WAY over budget (its budget was $3.6 bil but its cost is now up to $6.4 bil!)…but because the other helicopter programs are in even worse shape, they do not feel able to cancel this program!

Interesting discussion of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter’s capabilities and the latest claims on the pro (by our government) and con (by the Australian reports of the latest testing) said:
Article link

The FBI searched the apartment of the 20-year-old they think hacked into Palin’s e-mail account:

Infrared lie detector measures brain activity to figure out if someone is lying:

Interesting that Volvo is studying locusts as part of their drive for an injury-proof car by 2020:

Sergey Brin’s blog will be an interesting one for me to read. His openness in discussing his predisposition to Parkinson’s Disease was interesting for me to read:

Pretty cool that the city of Chicago is looking to cut its 1990 emissions level by 3/4 by the year 2020:

Study found that there are no real gender differences anymore between girls and boys for math:

One of the best things I’ve heard about the Bush Administration in years: changes in policy have resulted in a 30% drop (175,914 to 123,833) in the number of chronically homeless people. Kudos to Bush Administration for this!

Interesting analysis of the study that found that kids in day-care gained more weight than kids at home with a parent:

Interesting that results found that people drink more when and nightclubs make the music louder:

Amazing that 22 people in Canada have died after police hit them with a taser, but Canadian police say that the deaths “have not been linked directly” with the taser use:

It is sad that New York City installed these black rubber mats in their playgrounds…and they have caused so many burn problems with kids in the summer! The mats have been measured up to 166.9 degrees!

This woman is being sued for $75k for an accident she got into during his driver’s license test:

This 69-year-old woman just ran her 69th marathon:

This 9-year-old New Zealand girl was so embarrassed by the name she was given (Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii) that she sued and the court ruled her favor:


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