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September 24, 2008

LOTD for September 24

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Great summary of the O-1 Visa and why it is an excellent alternative to the H-1B Visa. I already knew this information and more but I don’t think many people know about the O-1 Visa. If you look at 3/6/8, all someone has to do is publish a journal paper and get a high salary and they would qualify for this Visa according to this article…I think that the bar is higher than that, but from what I’ve read it is not hard to qualify someone good for this Visa:

Article discussing whether or not tech companies are faking job ads to avoid hiring US workers:

Iridium just got bought for $591 mil:–co-invest-229/story.aspx?guid={5E93078F-FEFC-47FB-9DF9-9C58A83C6273}&dist=hppr

It is sad that the milk poisoning situation in China is getting worse:

I cannot understand why neither Presidential candidate has contacted DHS to discuss critical DHS transition issues:

Looks like the Army needs to get the radios developed for JTRS, FCS, Land Warrior, and the WIN-T network to work together better…and soon because of the go/no-go coming up next year. With budget cuts looming no matter who becomes President, I hope that these programs get in shape soon:

The HTC Dream (the first Android-based phone) was renamed the T-Mobile G1 when it was released yesterday. If this was on Verizon instead of T-Mobile I think I would get the phone…its pricing is very attractive! $25 per month for unlimited web and e-mail access is a great price point, especially since I would only need limited messaging:
Press release

Here is a review of the G1 phone:

T-Mobile is capping their 3G data rate at 1 GB per month, just in time for the G1 to come out so that people might actually want to use their data servces. After reaching 1 GB, a user’s data rate can be reduced to 50 kbps:

AT&T seems to be worried about the Blackberry Storm, so they are pointing out the advantages of the iPhone vs. the Strom:

Nokia might have a touchscreen phone out in as early as next week!

Neat application that turns Wi-Fi enabled phones into Wi-Fi hotspots:

Amazing that a pig has been holding a woman hostage in her home:

This Japanese phone will unlock the owner’s car and start the engine without using a key:


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