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September 25, 2008

LOTD for September 25

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Very interesting to find out that some people who are “just not good at math” actually may have “math dyslexia”, a syndrome called “dyscalculia” that is similar to dyslexia:

Discussion of how the Wall Street bailout might lead to cuts in defense spending:

For the second time this year, DARPA lost $130 mil from its budget:

Pakistani troops fired on US helicopters while the helicopters were still in Afghanistan! So, they hadn’t crossed the border into Pakistan and they were shot at anyway!

An American-made Predator UAV was apparently shot down in Pakistan, but the US denies it…despite the video evidence otherwise:–1.html

When US troops were fighting the Taliban last year, Pakistan military helicopters repeatedly flew into Pakistan to bring supplies to the Taliban according to U.S. Marine lieutenant colonel Chris Nash!

The Air Force and Navy agreed to share UAV resources:

The Chinese say that they are building the controversial “Emdrive”. If they succeed, they will have a big advantage over the US for space travel. However, most scientists in the area say that the Roger Shawyer work is bogus and that building those drives is impossible. If the Chinese succeed, they will be way ahead of the US and they won’t have to spend much to try to build this system, so it seems to me they are making a good gamble:

T-Mobile removed the 1GB limit on 3G data usage:

China Mobile is apparently about to start offering the 3G iPhone…with its 3G and WiFi systems disabled!

Nice article comparing the iPhone and Android software development kits:


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