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September 26, 2008

LOTD for September 26

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Interesting how Obama was able to get NASA a waiver to be able to have access to the International Space Station, which was slipped into a spending bill passed on Wednesday:

It is interesting that political surveys ignore people who don’t have landlines…I wonder who would be better supported by cellphone-only users? With the numbers of cellphone-only users increasing, this seems like a flaw in the way that old-school surveys are conducted:

Letterman REALLY went off on McCain for lying to him and skipping out on his scheduled appearance. How could McCain cancel his interview with Letterman because he said he was going to DC to work on the financial crisis…and then go to an interview with someone at the same network that Letterman was on??? Didn’t McCain realize that Letterman would hear about McCain going on another show on his network?

The Bush Administration had been pressuring the EPA about perchlorate, and they succeeded in getting the EPA to decide NOT to limit the toxic rocket fuel in our water supply…even though the levels of perchlorate have already been measured at levels dangerous enough to interfere with thyroid function and the development of babies. The DoD is happy…but I don’t think I want this in my water supply:

Production bottlenecks are preventing the Army and Air Force from getting the UAVs they want:

Who owned the Predator spy drone that was shut down? That apparently is classified…

Somali pirates just hijacked a ship that had a LOT of Russian weapon systems–including tanks, rocket-propelled grenades, and anti-aircraft guns. Now they will be even better armed (bad!) and they will sell lots of the dangerous stuff to anyone with the money (really bad!):

The food safety problems in China has resulted in the EU banning all baby food imports from China:

Interesting conflict here–new techniques can gas a lot more natural gas, but it could pollute drinking water supplies:

About 1 million people per year die from malaria (most US citizens only hear about it during the annual American Idol telethon), but this plan would attempt to eliminate deaths due to malaria by 2015:

New technology has been announced that will allow for quicker and cheaper testing for things like E. coli:

Nice summary of the reviews of the G1 smartphone:

Google’s patent application describes a way to circumvent WiFi and cellular providers, allowing wireless devices to connect to any provider. This probably won’t happen if devices are locked to providers and I cannot see a business case to switch to this, but it would make things a lot more flexible:

DoCoMo’s Super-3G network is basically pre-LTE and could serve as a testbed for LTE deployments throughout the world:

Here is the user manual for the G1 phone:


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