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September 29, 2008

LOTD for September 29

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Looks like the House Republicans were successful in voting down the bailout, even though the Republican leadership in the House supported it. Less than 1/3 of House Republicans voted for the plan and it failed to pass by 13 votes:

WaMu’s CEO was on the job for 17 days, but when his company failed he got a $20 mil payday:,2933,428641,00.html

Open source program enables an owner to track the location of his/her laptop if it is stolen. Mac owners can even get a photo of whoever has their laptop!

An invisibility cloak could protect ocean-based platforms against tsunamis?

SpaceX’s success in putting the first privately-developed rocket in orbit could lead to very good things for the DoD:

Very interesting that pirates who hijacked an Iranian ship have been getting sick and dying of mysterious illnesses. At least some of them had tried to inspect the cargo. First Iran said that the ship was carrying “crude oil” and then they said it was carrying “minerals” and “industrial products”…my best guess is that the speculation on chemical weapons is correct:

Pretty cool that this robot can rebuild itself after it is taken apart due to a kick, fall, etc.:

Canadian police sure like to use their tasers…in this example they tasered a 16-year-old mother who was holding her baby:

Motorola has put a 350-person team to work on Android phones! Nokia and Verizon also seem interested in the Android platform:

Interesting editorial predicts that Android will crush the iPhone and Blackberry:

Apple will offer the 3G iPhone unlocked in Hong Kong. That is interesting, since they have been trying to stay away from that business model with the 3G iPhone. The unlocked iPhone will cost between $700 and $800, but those who buy a subsidized iPhone in Hong Kong have a minimum 2-year agreement for $188 per month for service! At those rates, users might save money buy buying an unlocked phone and keeping their current phone plan:

The Blackberry Bold will hit Best Buy stores on 10/26/08, so it should be at AT&T stores in a few weeks:

Sprint launched their Xohm WiMAX network in Baltimore:
Article link

Interesting that last year UK travelers preferred WiFi hotspots but this year they prefer mobile broadband networks over WiFi hotspots:

Mathematicians at UCLA have discovered a 13 million-digit prime number (thanks to Ben for the article link):


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