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September 30, 2008

LOTD for September 30

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Wow, after the big debate over whether or not there is water on Mars, the Phoenix just spotted SNOW falling on Mars! Thank you to Ben for the article!

Oil shale deposits actually exceed Saudia Arabia’s oil reserves! One example is the *trillion* barrels of oil in the Green River Formation (Colorada/Wyoming/Utah). New processes may make it economical to retrieve that oil, which would be great for the US!

I didn’t realize that the field of algae-based biofuels was growing so quickly–$179.5 mil in VC money already this year:–1434.html

Article on how wind power can solve the US’s oil addiction. I didn’t realize that wind power generated electricity so much cheaper than nuclear, coal, or gas-powered electricity plants:

Wind power is generating jobs in Colorado–for example, more than 2600 wind energy jobs are expected to be created in 2010:

Birds and bats forced the closure of these Pennsylvania wind turbine location–wind farms cannot be placed along the migratory patterns of birds!

Analysts expressed concern about Apple’s computer sales and Apple’s stocked dropped nearly 18%. The stock dropped more after the bailout news hit yesterday, but it rebounded almost to the level it was before the bailout news came out. The iPhone is considered the big saving grace for Apple:

China Mobile may offer an Android-based phone by the 2nd quarter of next year:

Nokia’s CTO Bob Iannucci resigned:

The Federation of American Scientists say that fundamental physics will prevent laser weapons from being used in real-world conditions:

Nintendo is launching a new version of the DS that can take pictures and play music. They also say that it will have advanced wireless communications functions (the current DS has WiFI, so I’m not sure what they are planning for the new DS that is more advanced). The new DS will be out in time for the Christmas season:

These Dolphins in Japan had to be put on a diet:,0,7714458.story

Yuk…BYU study found that cell phones contain more germs than toilet seats!


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