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October 1, 2008

LOTD for October 1

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Another useful alternative to the H-1B Visa is the L-1 Visa. Unfortunately, it doesn’t apply to my company but this can be used by companies who have offices in other countries or by foreign investors who start companies in the US:

The military is looking to hire some good computer hackers:

Gen. Petraeus says that the insurgents are gaining in Afghanistan and that it will be “very difficult” to get some areas of Afghanistan away from the Taliban:

Interesting tidbit about the problem with piracy in Somalia…Somalia used to have a government that prevented the pirates from operating, but the US helped overthrow it:

The ending of the space shuttle program is being debated. I’m guessing that the money isn’t there to bring the shuttle back from the dead:

Interesting that the economic downturn is accelerating interest in cloud computing:

Microsoft is still losing market share to Google, so they are now offering frequent flyer miles to people who do a lot of searches with Microsoft Live Search…if they use IE for the searches:
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My wife, kids, and me *love* it when there are samples out at Costco and other places, but we almost never buy what is out for sample. However, it looks like we are in the minority because 35% of samplers apparently b buy what they sampled. That is a HUGE success rate! 24% of the samplers planned to buy a different product but changed their mind after getting the sample!

This Wells Fargo in La Mesa was robbed twice in one day!

Sharon Stone wanted her 8-year-old son to get botox injections because of his foot odor?

This man was upset over points in his fantasy football league so he threatened to kill his roommate! He sliced pages of the book his roommate was reading, held the knife to his roommate’s throat, and ended up getting tasered by police when he hit a police officer and tried to run away:

This man jumped into the ocean to save his dog from a 5-foot-long shark!


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