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October 3, 2008

LOTD for October 3

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It is not surprising to me that the VP debate got better ratings than the first Obama-McCain debate…but the margin DID surprise me–45 ratings vs. a 31.6 rating:

The US is selling $6 bil in arms to Taiwan, including $3.1 bil for 330 Patriot missile interceptor missiles:

The Pentagon wants a $57 bil increase in budget for FY 2010:

Discussion and link to a report about how the US Air Force’s biggest enemy is itself:

South African police bought mini-UAVs in preparation for the World Cup:

More than 200,000 websites have been found to have been compromised by criminal gangs. The criminals use those sites to attack users’ PCs. One of the websites is owned by the US Postal Service!
Article link

Mark McHenry of Spared Spectrum has interesting insight into the white spaces debate because DARPA has funded work quite similar to a white spaces device…but the differences between how defense and commercial applications of that technology is significant:
Article link

Sprint is trying hard to sell Nextel, but their bidders currently aren’t offering enough:

Nokia’s new phone makes an interesting competitor to the iPhone–Nokia seems to have done a good job at their first attempt at a touchscreen:

HP is coming out with a smartphone:

The DC Metro (which I love to use!) will now provide access to all cell phone users instead of just Verizon customers:

The Obama campaign released a free iPhone application. The McCain campaign has not made an iPhone application yet:

Wow, in Russia the 16 GB iPhone costs $1100 *with* a contract!

The Blackberry Storm was shown off in this Vodaphone video promo:

Interesting that this prison system in Florida will soon have a cell-phone sniffing dogs. I’ve read that cell phone use is a problem in prisons,but never realized that a dog could be trained to smell cell phones:

Sporting News is excited that Punch Out! is coming to the Wii:!!_for_wii

Amazing that this mother and daughter advertised on Craiglist their prostitution services…both of them for their customers. And the daughter’s 3 young kids would be sent unsupervised to the sidewalk to wait for them to be done!


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