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October 4, 2008

LOTD for October 5

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This woman became a college professor when she was 18 years old! She finished Elementary School when she was 5! She is a black belt in tae kwon do and her PhD is in Engineering:

A NY postal carrier went to a home 3 hours earlier than normal because of an Express Mail package, and got there just in time to catch a 1-year-old baby that fell from a second-story window!

Roman Catholic priest in Brazil was strapped to a chair with a hundreds of helium balloons attached to it…he wanted to break the 19-hour record for flying with balloons, but unfortunately the wind shifted. The lower half of his body was found a later:,1,3700204.story

One in five Iraq and Afghanistan vets (300,000 vets!) have either major depression of post traumatic stress disorder, but nearly half of them have not tried to get treatment:

The ultrarich sure did not slow down their spending despite the economic downturn. In the first 4 months of this year, 71 Manhattan apartments that cost more than $10 million were sold, compared to just 17 for all of last year! This article is from April, so things might have slowed down now with the latest wave of economic problems:

Interesting study about genetic differences between boys and girls. Female monkeys will play with wheeled toys and dolls, but male monkeys will choose the wheeled toys over the dolls! As the study says, the monkeys have not been influenced by advertising or other societal factors and the male monkeys still choose the “stereotypical” boy toys!

The jet stream heavily influences the weather in the continental US and is moving northward, possibly due to global warming. This means that the weather south of us is moving northward, bringing in general hotter and dryer weather conditions:

Macau’s casinos are doing amazing business! $3.8 bil in gambling in the first quarter, twice what was gambled in Vegas:{BEB659F4-8D1F-4C69-953D-99F03D1D577B}


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