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October 9, 2008

LOTD for October 9

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Back from the cruise, but my family is staying with me so I cannot fully catch up with my old e-mails. However, I went through some of the old stuff and put this LOTD together. I should be able to catch up with the rest of the news by tomorrow.

It is hard for me to believe that they are going to make securities companies save all text messages and instant messages sent by their employees!

Article about how the credit crisis will hurt research in the US:

DARPA is preparing for its first test for the WNAN project–this article has Preston Marshall talking about the successful XG demo and talks about how DARPA gave M/A-COM a contract for a $500 radio. I’m thinking that some of this info is a little out of date…but Shared Spectrum and XG are being discussed everywhere in public safety, as I found out during and after Mark McHenry’s talk at the Next-Generation Radio Communications Conference for Defense, Homeland Security & Public Safety:

Article about how the WNAN radio could be very important for public safety customers:

The JTRS HMS radios were a success in field tests:

Boston University has an NSF grant to try to replace WiFi hotspots with lightbulbs:

Article about how femtocells could be a problem for e911 services:

Interesting that public safety will have 10 MHz of bandwidth at 700 MHz, with the debate going on whether or not they will use WiMAX or LTE there:

NASA has already spent $1.5 bil on its Mars Science Laboratory program, but cost overruns might result in the program being delayed or canceled. I think that cancellation is unlikely, but a delay would not surprise me with the current financial situation and the cost overruns:

A hacker revealed how to compromise the e-passport systems:

The new surveillance program will use military satellites to cover the US:

T-Mobile says that the demand for the G1 phone has been so great that they tripled the number of phones available for launch day (10/22) and are sold out already:

T-Mobile now has a G1 emulator on its website:
Article link

RIM says that the Blackberry Bold is delayed because AT&T is worried about having problems with their network like they did with the 3G iPhone:

RIM’s stock was downgraded after news about the delay of the Bold came out:

RIM is launching a Blackberry Applications Center to compete with Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market:
Article link

1/3 of the people who bought a 3G iPhone from June through August switched from other carriers, 47% of them switched from Verizon. Since Verizon has much greater market share than T-Mobile or Sprint, that percentage is probably proportional to the numbers of non-AT&T customers:

Amazing to me that 8% of teenagers in the US have an iPhone and another 22% want one:

10 myths about power savings are disproved in this article:

Criminals are learning how to use Craigslist to help them get away with their crimes:

Mozilla has released the features for the upcoming Firefox 3.1 browser due in November:

The writer takes great pleasure in the problems that Microsoft is having with Vista, especially after Microsoft announced a 6-month extension for XP downgrading for those who do not want Vista:

This writer (from the same publication) wrote in defense of Vista, responding to the above editorial:

Google is launching AdSense for Games:

eBay is spending $1.34 billion on 3 acquisitions to diversify itself since its auction business is slowing down:

YouTube is testing “Click-to-Buy” ads:

Google’s “Mail Goggles” is going to try to prevent users from sending late-night e-mails that are regretted later:

College students actually choose WiFi over beer!

For Lori: here is the latest poll results for the Presidential race. We were on a cruise ship for 5+ days and are way behind on the news:

Obama is buying a 30-minute block during prime time shortly before the election–so far CBS and NBC have agreed to sell the air time:


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