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October 10, 2008

LOTD for October 10

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When we left for our cruise I thought that Citi was buying Wachovia, but now it appears that Wells Fargo will be buying Wachovia. I’m glad that Wells Fargo’s $15 bil offer did not include ANY government support:

The Army is looking to build the world’s strongest solar array (500 megawatts!):

Article about how the situation in Afghanistan is not good right now for the US:

Right now only experienced Air Force pilots operate our armed UAVs. However, the new plan will allow 19-year-olds right out of basic training to operate armed UAVs:

The Somali pirates are really becoming a huge threat to shipping in the middle east:

The problem with the Somali pirates is getting so big that Russia actually wants to work with the US and EU to combat the pirates. I can’t remember the last time that the US and Russia coordinated a military response:

Plans are for the US to get a lot more micro air vehicles (MAVs) to Iraq by the end of November:
Article link

Northrop has an interesting use for UAVs–missile defense for airports:

Pretty cool that the marines are using samurai techniques to help them with mental health issues:

Is the brother of Afghanistan’s President a big heroin dealer?

Article on software defined radio usage in military and commercial systems:
Article link

Interesting that 40% of texters who are in a relationship feel that text-messaging plays a significant role in their relationship:
Article link

The Blackberry Bold is having some problems–UK provider Orange has suspended shipments of the Bold due to “software issues”. This makes the Blackberry Storm seem even more appealing to Verizon users who have to wait for the Bold to be released on AT&T first before it gets to Verizon:

Interesting that Vodafone rejected the initial design for the Blackberry Storm–Vodafone and Verizon insisted on a lot more advances before they would accept the Storm:

iPhone and iTouch users can now listen for free to Clear Channel radio stations:

Looks like T-Mobile’s free laptop offer was so popular that they ran out of laptops!
Article link

This review of Sprint’s WiMAX service in Baltimore seems quite positive to me–the price and speed seem quite good to me:;jsessionid=BTFJ12ECAJG3GQSNDLRSKH0CJUNN2JVN?cid=tab_art_wire

Pretty funny round-up of the week’s mistakes on the Presidential campaign and on Windows Mobile accidentally endorsing Google Desktop:

YouTube is adding a new format to their site–long-form content from CBS that contains ads before, in the middle, and after the videos. The CBS shows will include Star Trek, Beverly Hills, 90210 (the original series), MacGyver, plus current shows like the Young and the Restless . They are not changing their ad policy for the regular short-form videos on YouTube:

Drunken man went to the wrong home and fell asleep in the couple’s bed…what a shock for the family when they returned home! Amazing that they didn’t press charges and instead gave the man some soup and ribs:,0,2466050.story

Canadian man says that he shouldn’t have to pay child support because he was asleep when the child was conceived!

New Jersey police officer was arrested for having sex with girls and cows:

A man arrested for playing his rap music too loudly on his car stereo was offered by the judge to have his fine reduced from $150 to $35 if he listened to 20 hours of classical music…but he lasted only 15 minutes:

Amazing that this Japanese restaurant has monkeys serving tables as waiters!

Men between 18-34 years old in the US who go online actually prefer the web over TV:

Report says that a divorce is forcing the owner of the San Diego Padres to sell 49% of the team…this is NOT a good economic time to try to sell a professional baseball team, especially one that had such a bad season! This article actually seems to disagree with the other articles I read that said that he was definitely going to have to sell a minority stake in the Padres:

It appears that the people at McCain campaign rallies are quite upset that Obama is ahead in the polls now. But people yelling “kill him” and “terrorist” seems overboard to me…


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