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October 13, 2008

LOTD for October 13

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Quantas is blaming someone using electronic equipment for a plunge that injured 74 people. Interesting that a 3-degree bank last year was blamed on someone using a wireless mouse:

It is amazing to me what a great job the marines do and how little attention they get. This is just one of their lesser-known stories from Afghanistan:

The Army and Marines are looking forward to having the next generation Blue Force Tracking system. I hope that Northrop does a good job–they sure will make a lot of money if they do, considering $2500 per unit and they may buy 175,000 of the first generation system that will need to be replaced:

NATO is finally going to go after the drug lords in Afghanistan:

T-Mobile had planned to have 500,000 G1 phones at launch and said that it hoped to sell 2 million G1 phones by the end of the year…but it appears they already have 1.5 million preorders for G1 phones!

T-Mobile also has the first Blackberry flip phone:
Article link

WalMart is joining Best Buy as big box stores that will be selling the 3G iPhone:

9 laptops have been unveiled that have WiMAX integrated in it:

xG Technology signed a $375 million deal for base stations for their WiMAX-competitor technology:
Article link

Verizon pulled back (at least so far) from their plan to charge people who sent messages to Verizon users 3 cents per text message:

Apple is threatening a Vancouver Island computer school that their logo is too close to Apple’s:

Interesting study by BzzAgent finds that it costs 50 cents to generate a word-of-mouth conversation, and that conversation generates 38 cents of profit:

CBS is doing extremely well this TV season:

Collars on Kenya’s elephants send text messages to rangers:;_ylt=AhEbTvp5QzVbAIK4jFoDuPIjtBAF

Interesting article about the legality of DVD copying software, due to the court battle between Real and Hollywood over RealDVD:

66-year-old Florida mailman was bitten by a poisonous snake when he was putting the mail in a mailbox…and he kept delivering mail for another 30 minutes before he went to get help!

Simon Cowell will make $36 mil for this season’s American Idol, way more than the other judges:

This is for Lori–Beauty and the Geek may be coming to another network:

A 15-year-old girl was arrested for child porn because she sent nude photos of *herself*. The classmates that she sent her photos to also might be arrested for child porn. Apparently the Licking Valley (that is the city name) prosecutor warned students that they could be sent to prison for 20 years if they send nude photos with their cell phone, and it appears that they could also have to register as a sex offender for 20 years. I cannot imagine a high school student who was sent a nude photo by a classmate having to register as a sex offender for 20 years!


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