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October 14, 2008

LOTD for October 14

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Pretty cool that the new Honda Insight was shown to the public and the reaction from the press and bloggers has been positive. This blog about the Insight is pretty interesting to me…my parents current hybrid car will need replacement soon (it is 6+ years old now) and this car might be ideal for them or for my family:

Mini-UAVs can also be used to monitor natural disasters:

The Navy has cut back its high tech destroyer program by $100 billion, but it apparently isn’t explaining why it made that decision:

A UAV landed on a Navy ship for the first time:
Article link

M/A-COM says that its New York network fixes are almost done. They have 2 days left before New York’s deadline. The state’s response didn’t seem very positive about the fixes:

Analyst report is now available for the revolution in video surveillance via solar power and WiMAX:

Article about how the G1 phone has advanced the movement to open systems:

Motorola released the Krave ZN4 today…pretty low cost for a touchscreen flip-phone! It is only available on Verizon and it looks like a Star Trek communicator. It doesn’t have WiFi and isn’t a true smartphone, but it definitely will find its niche. I almost ordered it today, but after looking at the pros/cons it was just short on the cost/benefit analysis for my situation:

Here is the another review of the phone with lots of photos:

Microsoft isn’t going to put Silverlight (their Flash competitor) on the iPhone now but they are looking to possibly get it on the Android platform:

Apple missed their deadline for push service for the iPhone:

Citi analyzed the Blackberry Storm and highlighted its strengths and weaknesses:
Article link

Bush just signed into law a bill that makes copyright protection even stronger and increases piracy penalties:

73-year-old man died in a swimming pool when his wife prevented him from exiting the pool 43 times. The few times he was able to get out, his 40-year-old wife forced him back in the pool to swim some more. And the wife was actually born a man and had gender surgery in 1993:

Teenage girl wanted to protest animal dissection in schools so she changed her name to!

The La Leche League (shout out to LOTD reader Julie!) and other groups say that the magazine cover with Angelina Jolie breast-feeding one of her twins will be a great boost for breast-feeding, but others complain about how the photo makes them feel due to her sex symbol status:

Virgin Galactic is charging passengers $200k for space flights, but turned down a $1 mil offer to film a porn video on their spacecraft…the porn producers wanted a gravity free sex video:


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