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October 15, 2008

LOTD for October 15

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It is hard for me to believe that the Sacramento Republican party could be so idiotic as to compare Obama to Bin Laden and urge people on their website to “Waterboard Barrack Obama”! No matter how badly that you might like your candidate to win, there are lines not to cross no matter who you support–otherwise the backlash will be more painful than any political benefit the website wished to achieve:

Very interesting to compare the responses by Obama and McCain to questions about technology-related issues. Both are fairly close to each other with their answers and are pretty far away from Pres. Bush on certain issues (like stem cells):

Rumor is that Microsoft is planning to buy RIM (maker of the Blackberry) but are waiting for its stock price to drop before making its offer:

An experimental device enables monkeys to use once-paralyzed muscles by just controlling the activity of a single brain cell! If there are currently unused brain cells that would allow paralyzed people to use their limbs again…this would be a HUGE development!

NASA engineers feel that they can fix the Hubble telescope by waking up computer parts that have not been used for 18 years:

SAIC just got an $18 mil DARPA contract to create an artificial nose that will exceed the capabilities of a dog’s nose:{C80E3FFF-4867-45CC-A2B4-A91078C96F7A}&dist=hppr

Interesting that the Iraqi Air Force is apparently using modified Cessnas:

The Air Force had planned to cut 40,000 people from the service in order to be able to afford more planes…but now they are trying to *add* 13,000 pilots and are retiring 300 fighter jets early. The key here is that pilots are needed for each UAV and UAVs are *much* cheaper than fighter jets:

Looks like our laser defense system will need at least $100 mil more in funding and will need much stronger lasers. I get the strangest sense of deja vu when I read these types of conclusions…

GE scientists have developed battery-free, multi-detection wireless sensors that have many useful applications:

Qualcomm won big over Broadcom and the ban was lifted on importing certain 3G cellphones that use Qualcomm chips:

It looks like Motorola is developing an Android-based social networking-focused phone. They mention that work in active job listings, so the secret may be out. Motorola did announce earlier this month that they would create a 350-person team to work on Android phones, so it is no secret that they are making an Android phone, though making a social networking-focused phone would be newsworthy:
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RIM bragged to its employees about all of the celebrities that use Blackberries:

I think that Palm trying to sell the Treo Pro for $549 unlocked is a bad idea…but if the rumor is true that no cellular carrier wanted the Treo Pro, then I guess they had no choice:

Commentary on how it would be good for public safety if Sprint is successful in selling iDen:

The stock prices for US newspapers took a huge dive and an analyst says that it may take 5 years for the online revenue to make up for the decline in print revenue:

Pretty funny that the owner of the New York Jets accidentally called his ex-girlfriend and left a 10-minute voicemail…from the delivery room where his current girlfriend was delivering his baby!


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