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October 16, 2008

LOTD for October 16

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One nice benefit for running for President: The McCains had no cellular coverage on their ranch in a remote area in Arizona, so Verizon and AT&T delivered free portable cellular towers to cover their 15-acre ranch:

The global financial crisis is hurting just about everyone…except for al-Qaida, who are not able to use banks and thus are immune to the money woes in banking. Also, their drug trade from Afghanistan has apparently been making a lot of money for them despite the global financial problems:,1,2597570.story

The MRAPs that have been so effective in Iraq are unfortunately not well suited to the narrow, primitive roads in Afghanistan. The Marines say that the MRAPs don’t work well on the typically unpaved roads in Afghanistan:

Israeli-made UAVs were delivered to Canadian troops in Afghanistan. The 2-year lease is worth $81 mil;

The British Army is using UAVs made by Elbit, with the Rosh Pina airport shut down yesterday for trials of Elbit’s UAV:

Somali pirates have attacked 7 more ships in the past week:

Ship owners are now going to Blackwater for protection from the pirates. I think this is a job that Blackwater is well suited for and they will should do well in this role:

Startup Quantenna claims that their 4×4 MIMO mesh beamforming system can get 1 Gigabit throughput with 802.11n:;jsessionid=4FYZWOSQWN0J0QSNDLSCKHA?articleID=211100152

The WiMAX Forum (not the most unbiased of sources) says that the WiMAX market in India will be worth $13 bil by 2012:

The latest testing has resulted in the Chair of the FCC backing the use of white spaces devices:

Study found that surfing the web is good for the brains of seniors:

The nickel on cell phones causes a skin rash on some people:


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