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October 17, 2008

LOTD for October 17

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The IRS is spending $2 bil on two new computer systems to handle our tax returns…and both apparently have flaws that would allow people to manipulate tax returns without being detected!

US Intelligence officials are worried that hackers could ruin banks or large financial institutions or cause another stock market crash:

It scares me that the biosafety labs that handle the world’s most dangerous agents and diseases have poor security! Two of the labs (there are only 5 in our country) have just 3 or 4 of the 15 security controls!

It makes sense to me for us to use some of the technology developed for the DoD to improve our disaster recovery efforts:

Oregon State has created a much more efficient way to create energy from sewage:

This Pennsylvania dairy farm saves $60k per year on fuel by turning cow manure into energy:

Article about the culture clash between the Marines and Afghanistan’s Army:

The Iraqi military is considering getting UAVs for border security:

More controversy over the portable cell phone towers installed at the McCain’s ranch:

It is amazing to me that Google’s revenue was up 31% last quarter as compared to last year, considering the state of the economy:

Wow, this is a very, very positive review of the Android-based G1:

Interesting that Android phones will come with a remote kill-switch that will allow Google to remove an application from a user’s phone (like like Apple can do with the iPhone):

Microsoft says that Windows 7 will be like Windows Vista, but a lot better:

Hawaii had been the only state to offer universal health care for children…but now Gov. Lingle has canceled the program:

Looks like McCain’s use of “Joe the Plumber” in the last debate will not bring him much benefit, since a casual look at his situation shows that he’s not what he seems and even if he was he’d probably pay less taxes with Obama:

Men on a date hate it when women answer their cell phone, but women are much less upset when men answer their cell phones when they are on a date:


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