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October 20, 2008

LOTD for October 20

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West Virginia allows their citizens to vote early, which is a good test for the new and hopefully “improved” touch-screen voting machines. Unfortunately, there are at 6 six reported cases of the machine switching the votes–the voter chooses the Democratic candidate and the machine switches his/her vote to the Republican candidate. There may have been other cases, but if people didn’t check over their ballots they wouldn’t know about the problem. There are no reported cases of a vote for a Republican being switched to the Democratic candidate. Unfortunately, those voting machines have had a LOT of problems around the country already and are STILL going to be used for the upcoming election:

Interesting that German special forces were in Afghanistan for 3 years without actually doing any missions. And now they are leaving Afghanistan without ever having left their base!

Pretty cool that the Marines in Afghanistan adopted these stray dogs and cats and that the animals helped make their deployment more bearable:

A top US counterterrorism analyst says that the risk of nuclear terrorism isn’t nearly as bad as our leaders have claimed it was. He even says that overhyping the nuclear threat actually helps Bin Laden:

The Pentagon postponed their decision on the Transformation Satellite (TSAT) program until the 4th quarter of 2010. That means that the first TSAT satellite would not be launched until 2019 and it is really bad news for the Future Combat Systems program that relies on it:

The military has a new recruiting ad campaign, with TV ads and radio ads directing interested recruits and their parents to a special website set up to answer their questions. Interestingly, none of ads or the website mention Iraq or Afghanistan:

University of Manchester researcher developed a scanner that would allow travelers to keep their shoes on at airports and also make things more secure for travelers. It is also supposed to be relatively cheap when it is ready for mass production, so I hope they get this quickly ready for the market!

Obama is the first Presidential candidate to buy ad space inside of video games. I understand about targeting 18-34 year-old men, but I don’t know how much substance can be put into a video game ad…I would hate to think that someone would vote for President based on a banner ad seen in sports video game!

Interesting to me that 110 newspapers have endorsed Obama and 30 have endorsed McCain. 14 newspapers who have endorsed Obama actually endorsed Bush in the last election. The paper that we subscribe to endorsed McCain, which I was expecting with the stories and editorials that have been running over the past few months:

US Treasury Secretary Paulson said that the US government purchases of stock in banks as part of the bailout is actually an investment that should eventually make money for taxpayers. I agree that it is much better to be getting stock and warrants in the banks instead of just giving money away, as when things get better with the economy the government could make their money back and hopefully more. I agree with the theory of the deal, but the actual implementation of the deal may not be ideal, especially under the original teams that Secretary Paulson wanted (which Congress rejected):

Motorola discusses its Android-based smartphone–it will have an iPhone-like touchscreen, slide-out keyboard, and a lot of social networking features:

The UN’s International Labour Organisation says that the global financial crisis will result in 20 million jobs disappearing by the end of next year! Countries like China that have large domestic markets that do not depend heavily on exports are seen to be in the best shape:

Recently declassified documents reveal that 2 US fighter planes were ordered to shoot down a UFO flying over the English countryside in 1957. The fighter pilot had the OK to fire and was ready to shoot 24 rockets at the “flying aircraft carrier” when the UFO disappeared:

Hackers somehow were able to get $500k for their trucking company by repeatedly hacking a Department of Transportation website…they never even owned or drove a truck! Other hackers stole over $500k in gas until they were caught:



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    Comment by max — October 27, 2008 @ 6:00 pm

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    Comment by gokamoto — October 27, 2008 @ 6:45 pm

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