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October 21, 2008

LOTD for October 21

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Ohio State researchers have created a new solar energy material that absorbs ALL the energy contained in sunlight and generates electrons in a way that makes them easier to capture!

Government study found a 27% rate of fraud in the H-1B Visa program. 27%!

National Defense Magazine gave its list for the top technology hits and biggest misses for the war on terror:

The Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive created some very interesting (and hopefully effective) posters to discourage our spies not to give secrets to other countries:

Pain-relief prescriptions have gone from 30k per month to 50k per month since the Iraq war began, raising concerns about painkiller abuse:

This reporter who was embedded with our troops in Afghanistan paints a bleak picture for how things are on the ground there:

The DoD is spending $46,790 for a portrait of Donald Rumsfeld to be put up on a Pentagon hallway that already has a portrait of him from the first time he was the defense secretary. I didn’t realize that spending $35k was considered cheap for the portraits in the Pentagon. NASA spent $25k for a portrait of Daniel Goldin, NASA’s longest-serving Administrator (almost 10 years):

People who pre-ordered the G1 phone started receiving the phones–2 days early!

AT&T just launched a Samsung smartphone that comes with an built-in optical mouse!

This really is a big step in proving that Verizon plans to be much more open than its competitors. Verizon just approved the first independent third party device testing lab–Intertek will be testing devices that are part of Verizon’s Open Development initiative:
Press release

Worldwide locator service is being released for Android phones:

The typical cell phone user sends 357 text messages per month and has 204 phone calls per month:

This reviewer now says that computers are so powerful and have so many cores, so much RAM, and so much disk space that Vista is now “livable”:

It appears that Microsoft’s new antipiracy techniques have been effective, as pirates are focusing on XP and Office 2003:

Yahoo is going to cut at least 10% of its workforce (more than 1,500 people) by the end of the year. They already cut 1,000 people in January:

eBay feels that the Christmas season will not be that good for them. Amazon cutting (1/3 of the previous amount!) the amount needed for free shipping in the UK will makes things even harder for eBay:

Pretty cool that this Malibu hotel loans its guests an iTouch (if they don’t already have an iTouch or iPhone), which they can use to order room service, set wake up calls, and even set their “Do Not Disturb” status:

I think that it is great that Citizen’s Bank is actually paying its customers a dime for each electronic transaction made–we love electronic banking even though we aren’t paid to use it!

Nearly 30% of the beauty products launched in the US this year were organic, ethical, or all natural, where last year that was at 11%. I didn’t realize they had all of those categories for makeup…but I don’t shop for that and never see ads for it:

Obama’s lead has widened:

Study found that women who drink a lot of coffee may have their breasts get smaller, but at least they have a reduced chance of breast cancer:

The hops in beer helps protect against cancer. Trouble is, the level of xanthohumol in beer is too low to do much good, but research is ongoing to try to use xanthohumol as a nutritional supplement:

Woman worked 2 jobs to support her husband, then eventually separated from him. After she changed her Facebook status to “single”, her husband hacked her to death with a meat cleaver:

Man arrested for messing around (literally) with a car wash vacuum:

89-year-old woman was arrested and charged with petty theft because she wouldn’t give back a football that landed in her yard:


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