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October 25, 2008

LOTD for October 25

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Paula Abdul is upset that Simon makes so much more than her!

It amazes me how much money the music industry makes on Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Aerosmith has made more from Guitar Hero: Aerosmith than they made on any of their albums!

Simply putting a bedroom fan in a baby’s room reduces the chance of SIDS by 72%! This makes sense I guess since it helps eliminate the problem that results in a SIDS death:

It is awesome that a simple blood test could replace the CVS and amnio tests for pregnant mothers, eliminating the risk of miscarriage that exists now when the CVS or amnio tests are used!

The Inspector General found that the Transportation Security Administration’s poor security measures puts our airports at risk–basic things like not collecting security badges after firing workers could really cause problems for airport security!

Three teenagers grabbed a 68-year-old woman’s handbag…and even though she was wearing sandals, she ran after them and caught up with the 15-year-old boy who had her handbag. When she grabbed him by the collar, he dropped her bag and begged to be let go:

36% of the police academy graduates in Atlanta have criminal records:

I didn’t realize that in our country about 9 million more women vote than men. The gender gap has been increasing, which bodes well for Democrats since more women than men vote Democrat. Before, a greater percentage of eligible men than women voted, but women surpassed men in 1980:,+10:45+AM

This is really sad–90% of US high school students say that they have cheated in school. That was 3x the percentage in a 1963 survey:

There used to be 7 souvenier stores near Pres. Bush’s home in Crawford, Texas…but now with his popularity down so badly, 3 of those gift shops have closed and only 2 keep regular hours for tourists to shop at:

I love this story about a man and his aging dog…especially since Katie is officially a senior dog now and I can relate to what this man says about his dog:


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