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October 26, 2008

LOTD for October 26

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Syria claims that the US staged a raid inside of Syria today…and the US didn’t deny it and seemed to hint about a special forces raid. Interesting that the alleged raid occurred near the alleged nuclear facility that Israel bombed last year:

Marrying a Somali pirate is every Somali girl’s dream according to this article:

This Massachusetts church is having “woof ‘n’ worship” services to encourage their worshipers to bring dogs to the service:

It amazes me that more same sex couples got married in California during the first 3 months it was legal than in the first 4 years it was legal in Massachusetts:,0,7906965.story

A Chicago woman won an eBay auction for a home in Michigan $1.75, which she plans to turn around and sell:,ebay100108.article

Ford will have a feature on 2010 cars that will let parents limit the speed of their teenage drivers, inform them in the teen does not wear a seatbelt, and limit the volume on the stereo:

Zimbabwe soccer team ordered the members of their team to swim in crocodile-infested waters as a cleansing ritual…one player didn’t get out of the river:

The CEO of Lehman Brothers made $480 million while driving the company into bankruptcy and blaming everyone but himself…one employee at the company gym punched him in the face after the company filed for bankruptcy:

As a guy, I cannot imagine wanting a cookbook solely about recipes about cooking testicles. The book is called “Cooking with Balls”:

The FDA has been having lots of problems with how it has (not) been monitoring things, and I think that the problem is partially because their budget has been cut much under the Bush Administration. To deal with the problem they hired a PR firm for $300k…I wish that they used that money to hire more inspectors instead! And the way they gave out the contract (not to the lowest bidder) appears to have gone against government policy so that they could give the money to a firm with ties to FDA officials:

I guess one method for decreasing illegal immigration has been found–the slowing economy has resulted in sharply decreased numbers of illegal immigrants:

Study found that AIDS has actually been around for a long time–traced back to around 1884!

Blogging sure can be lucrative! Bloggers with an average of 100,000 unique visitors per month make on average of $70,000/year from their blogs:


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