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October 27, 2008

LOTD for October 27

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European research team says that they will have the first working artificial heart by 2011. The start-up company is funded in part by EADS (Europe’s version of NASA) and will produce the heart in Paris:
Article link

NASA’s new rocket ship has *major* problems. Being behind schedule and way over budget this early in the program is really bad, especially when the government will be looking to cut costs:,0,561055.story

The special forces raid in Syria yesterday captured a senior operations coordinator for al Qaeda in Iraq:,2933,444199,00.html

US General says that Syria has been harboring al Qaeda in Iraq:

UAV killed 20 people in Afghanistan with a single strike, including a Taliban leader:

The CIA’s rank-and-file has been voting mostly Republican at least back as far as the Clinton years, but the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts have apparently turned them against the Republican party and they will be voting for Obama:

Five weapons programs have had cost growth of $206 billion, a 22% increase. Given the need to cut spending, I’m guessing the new President will look hard at cutting part or all of some of these programs. The total cost increase for DoD programs was $401 billion, seeming to indicate that the Pentagon doesn’t rein in costs from its contractors:

Article that goes over the e-voting problems in the US and suggests that the US should adopt the open source voting system used in Australia:

Article about how different tech-related groups favor Obama or McCain. The writer purposely writes in a not-too-serious tone, but the is some good information included:

It appears that Clearwire is planning a major WiMAX deployment in LA:

Cox Cable company is planning to use the 700 MHz spectrum it won (for $550 mil) to provide wireless service in Atlanta, New Orleans, *San Diego*, Omaha, Las Vegas, plus parts of Kansas and New Mexico. Cox is the only major cable company with this plan, and was one of the only major cable companies to NOT join the Sprint/Clearwire WiMAX alliance. Cox used to provide cellular service in Southern California and Las Vegas in the 90s until they sold off that business to Sprint in 1999:

It amazes me that Verizon is still growing and has the lowest churn of the cellular carriers despite AT&T having the iPhone:

Security flaw was found on the G1 phone, but Google already has a fix ready and the Android’s security features limited the damage that the security flaw could have done. Interesting how no application is trusted so any flaw in an application can have its damage limited:

IMS Research says that 16e will be a niche technology and that LTE’s timing is perfect for operators to get a few years more return on their 3G networks before they are ready to upgrade to 4G:
Article link

Amazon hopes that Oprah’s endorsement will give Kindle a boost:

Nationalism appears to be responsible for Chinese consumers preferring domestic brands vs. goods from other countries:

There is apparently some tension between Gov. Palin and Sen. McCain’s aides…McCain’s staff doesn’t like it when Gov. Palin deviates from McCain’s message and Gov. Palin doesn’t like how she is being handled by McCain’s staff:

An 8-year-old was allowed to shoot an Uzi submachine gun under adult supervision at a gun fair…he accidentally shot himself in the head and died:

Cool video clip about a father who protected his son from a mountain lion:


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