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October 28, 2008

LOTD for October 28

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I hope that everyone knew about the free tacos from Taco Bell today! For those in Hawaii, Taco Bell should be giving out free tacos between 2pm and 6pm today.

US Officials said that the raid in Syria had to happen because of a high-level al Qaeda operative was about to carry out an attack in Iraq:

Our spy agencies spent $47.5 billion last year:

Secret papers claim that a famous Palestinian assassin (Abu Nidal) was a spy for the US:

Global warming is having a significant effect on natural treasures like Yellowstone and Walden Pond:

Researchers will study more than 100,000 children from birth to their 21st birthday to try to understand a variety of factors that affect children’s health:

Synthetic diamond applications are growing, as are the clarity and color of the man-made diamonds:
Article link

The global economic crisis is causing consumers to delay upgrading or getting a new phone and to curb other spending habits:

Iridium has a new phone now that is significantly smaller and more powerful than their previous generation satellite phone:

Verizon is looking at introducing femtocells next year:

Qualcomm was hit with a $1 billion assisted GPS patent lawsuit:

The G1 phone is apparently selling quite rapidly in China, with the stores charging an extra $70 to unlock the phone:

This article for developers creating applications for the iPhone or for Android seems to favor Android:
Special report

Microsoft is lobbying the FCC on behalf of the white spaces devices:

Article about Windows 7, which Microsoft is hoping to take on Apple and the needs of IT:

Microsoft will release browser-based versions of its Office applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), but it will not be free like Google’s applications:

Hackers have found out to use Google searches to find Social Security numbers that are published on websites. Putting the Social Security number up on the web is due to human error, but targeted Google searches can take advantage of that:

Wisconsin man was upset when his girlfriend turned him down for sex…so he peed on her dog!


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  1. […] technology has made that prospect a reality. There are many reasons to purchase synthetic LOTD for October 28 – 10/29/2008 I hope that everyone knew about the free tacos from Taco […]

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