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October 30, 2008

LOTD for October 30

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Researchers seem to have made a breakthrough on a beam that can selectively erase memory–kind of like a real-life Men in Black device:

The military is interested this for its potential to erase memories that cause post-traumatic stress disorder:

Moth eyes inspired Florida researchers to discover an anti-reflective solar cell coating–today’s silicon solar cells reflect back (and thus lose) 30% of the sun’s energy, so efficient coatings are important:
Article link

The US has paid private security firms over $6 bil for services in Iraq over the past 5 years. As our troops leave Iraq, that private security firms are expected to get even more money:

Nice background article on software-defined radio technology for military and commercial applications:
Article link

Interesting that the weak economy has driven lower-income Americans to the 3G iPhone, since using it as an all-in-one device for Internet access and entertainment saves money. I would have guessed that a high-end device like the iPhone would be hurt when the economy went down, but that is not the case:

Another article link

The G1 phone went on sale in the UK today and the lines started at 5am. It is amazing to me that the G1 phone is FREE in the UK for people with certain cell phone plans starting at $64 per month (with unlimited internet access plus a big bucket of minutes to talk):

Tropos Networks is going after customers of other mesh wireless network vendors with their “Trade Up Tropos” campaign. Since I knew the founders since they were just had one room for their entire company, I always wish Tropos well…

Dallas police officer was directing traffic outside of a concert and saw someone driving his (just stolen) truck! He stopped the thief and made the arrest after a brief attempt by the thief to escape:

Interesting projections by the Rasmussen Report for the election:

Investor’s Business Daily has a poll result that shows the Presidential race closer than many of the other polls. They don’t break this down by the electoral college though, so it is an incomplete picture…things could be better or worse for either candidate in that breakdown:

Article about Ubuntu 8.10 and the user-friendly features it added:


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