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October 31, 2008

LOTD for October 31

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New killer virus is killing people in South Africa. The virus doesn’t even have a name yet and there is no vaccine. It is highly lethal and contagious…scary:

UC-SD researchers have created a software program that can perform key duplication without needing a key. The security implications of this are significant, especially since a cell phone photo is enough. They even demonstrated that a photo can be taken of a key from 200 yards away and still be enough to duplicate the key!
Article link

Suntory flowers has spent 3 billion yen since 1990 and finally succeeded in creating blue roses, blue carnations, and other blue flowers and got them ready to be sold in the US next year. The global market for blue flowers is estimated at 30 billion yen. Before this, blue roses were made by dying roses blue:

More Marines die in motorcycle accidents than in Iraq:

California prisons will field-test throwable robots for use in standoffs and other conflicts in prisons. This sounds like an excellent tool for hostage situations:

Article on MIT’s autonomous underwater vehicle, basically an autonomous robotic sub:

This article casts doubt on the claim that China is selling bugged hardware to spy on US companies:

Sprint is not going to sell its iDen network now…in other words, they couldn’t get a good offer for it after they put it on the market a month or so ago:

The Justice Department approved the Verizon/Alltel deal:

During the review of the Verizon/Alltel deal, the FCC discovered that T-Mobile had too much foreign ownership. T-Mobile’s German parent company has 30% of the company when foreign entities are not supposed to own more than 20%:

AT&T has the Blackberry Bold and Verizon has the Blackberry Storm, so AT&T is offering free WiFi to Bold customers to try to distinguish its Blackberry from Verizon’s Blackberry. The Storm does not have WiFi capability, but it does have Blackberry’s first touchscreen device:

Analyst says that if Apple switched to Intel’s new chip for the iPhone then the iPhone would become less secure:

100,000 Sony batteries were recalled by HP, Dell, and Toshiba:

Google is blaming the weak economy for delaying its completion until 2010 of a new $600 mil data center in Oklahoma:

Yahoo! and AOL might be back in merger talks now:

Wales highway signs are written in English and Welsh. Unfortunately, when they e-mailed a translator they received an autoreply e-mail…and they put that autoreply on the highway sign! Thank you to Tom for this article!

Man went to a $7 buffet and let his girlfriend eat from his plate while insisting that she shouldn’t have to pay…he was arrested and went to jail, eventually plea-bargaining from a theft charge to a disorderly conduct charge:

Teacher in Germany was playing Truth or Dare with her class and ended up doing a strip tease! The video shows that she stopped before it went that far…but still, you know her students (and their parents) were talking about this for weeks!


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