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November 4, 2008

LOTD for November 4

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Problems with electronic voting machines have already been reported today in key battleground stats like Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Virginia:

Pretty disturbing article about the DoD that the new President will be inheriting. Our defense budget is bigger in inflation-adjusted dollars since anytime after World War II, but our Army has fewer combat divisions, our Navy has fewer combat ships, and our Air Force has fewer combat aircraft. The equipment that we do have is older than it has ever been, and the plans for the military will actually make the problem worse:

An Afghan police chief and a district leader actually helped the Taliban carry out an attack on US troops that led to 9 US soldiers being killed and a US outpost being nearly overrun:

Japanese scientists cloned mice that were frozen for up to 16 years and say that their technique could be used to resurrect mammoths and other extinct species:

The US military says that Twitter poses a terrorist threat:

The Homeland Security Advisory Council says that the national security classification systems at the DHS is “broken”:

40 tons of pot were destroyed yesterday by coalition troops in Afghanistan:

Force fields will guard Mars ships from ion storms:

Motorola states that it will release phones based on the Linux operating system from the LiMo Foundation by the end of this year:

Sprint affiliate iPCS sued to try to block the Sprint/Clearwire deal…seeming to position them to have Sprint buy them:

Sprint was hit with a $1 bil early termination fee lawsuit:

The Blackberry Bold started to be sold in AT&T stores today:

Yahoo and Google revised their deal in order to try to get regulatory approval:

The Wall Street Journal reported that Google and Yahoo were going to give up on getting their deal approved:


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