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November 5, 2008

LOTD for November 5

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China has had a history with tainted milk that started well before the latest scandals. Melamine used in animal feed is showing up in chickens and eggs:

Airstrike by US-led forces in Afghanistan apparently accidentally hit a wedding party and killed 40 civilians and injured 28 others (22 women including the bride and 6 kids aged 1-11). This unfortunate incident will make it harder to win the hearts and minds of the people in Afghanistan:

Interesting how conservative special operations officers have been praising Obama since early in the primary season because of how Obama could get our allies to listen and share with us more and how he could undercut the message that our enemies are saying about America:

The US messed up the logistics of the small arms shipments to Iraq, not recording serial numbers and tracking shipments, and the some of the weapons ended up being used by insurgents and terrorists. The Pentagon’s Inspector General found that the US apparently didn’t learn from that and shipped small arms to the Afghan Army without accounting for the weapons or even recording serial numbers, and without any procedures set to keep the arms, ammo, and explosives secure:

UC-SD scientists are working on a “field hospital on a chip” that will eliminate the need for sick or wounded soldiers to take drugs–their medications will be automatically given to them by their uniforms! ONR gave them $1.6 mil for this effort:

The Department of Homeland Security has $830 mil for its Science and Technology Directorate and 250 under development at any one time–they assume half will fail:

It looks like not only are the MRAPs not only are not suited for the terrain and roads of Afghanistan, but the new IEDs from the Taliban (200-500 pounds pounds of explosives instead of the 10-20 pounds of explosives used in Iraq) destroy the MRAPs. UAVs can identify the teams planting the IEDs, but the US does not have enough UAVs in Afghanistan to protect the roads:

Saab chose the Green Hills operation system for their UAV:

Study found that autism occurs more in kids that grow up in rainy areas:,0,3426416.story

Higher volume metamaterial production could enable practical uses out of the lab:

Google withdrew from the deal with Yahoo after the Department of Justice said it would sue to stop the deal:

The FCC approved white spaces use–big victory for Google/Microsft, big loss for the NAB:
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Wow, the Blackberry Bold is FREE after rebate (free shipping too) at WalMart or through LetsTalk:

US News & World Report has now gone from a weekly publication to every other week to (rumored) just once per month:

The Oxford Beginner’s Japanese Dictionary is now available for the iTouch and iPhone:

90% of the marketing industry wants to be more environmentally friendly and are switching from paper-based marketing to digital communication protocols. Going green in this manner also saves money, so the savings on hard-copy expenses enables them to have more marketing events:

Arkansas cave owner is putting his 28-acre property on sale on eBay for $899,999:

It is hard for me to believe that once-dominant CBS News came in FIFTH last night in the ratings for their coverage of the election–ABC, NBC, CNN, and Fox News beat CBS:

If you count the time period from 8pm to 12:30am EST (which includes McCain’s concession speech and Obama’s acceptance speech) then CNN was #1, followed by ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox News:


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