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November 6, 2008

LOTD for November 6

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Iraqi officials have formally endorsed Obama’s withdrawal plan from Iraq:

Social Scientist with the US Army was set on fire in Afghanistan–the Taliban took credit for the attack:

DHS just released the info on $3 bil of grants for FY09:

The Department of Energy has $25 billion in loans available for those with advanced ideas about cars:

Michigan proposal to expand stem cell research passed on Tuesday:

Yahoo’s CEO now says that Microsoft should buy Yahoo. Microsoft’s final offer of $33 per share probably looks great now that Yahoo’s stock is down to $14 per share:

WPA WiFi encryption has been cracked:

The FCC approved the Sprint-Clearwire deal for the “new” Clearwire:

The FCC issued an order permitting Globalstar to deploy WiMAX services to over 500 rural American communities:{5CA06802-05DF-4E5C-A658-618540E8A7D3}

Commentary on how those two FCC decisions can be big for WiMAX adoption:
Article link

T-Mobile doesn’t want to bother with HSPA+ and instead wants to get to LTE as soon as possible:

AT&T is buying WayPort for $275 mil–this is great for iPhone users who will get free WiFi access in all of the airports and hotels that WayPort had:
Article link

Rabid fox bit a woman who was jogging in Arizona…and she kept running for over a mile with the fox attached to her biting her arm! The woman brought the fox to the hospital because she wanted it tested for rabies:


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