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November 7, 2008

LOTD for November 7

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DoD planners and defense contractors are expecting that the financial crisis will cause serious problems for future Pentagon spending:

UAV in Pakistan shot 4 missiles at a suspected al Qaeda training site and reportedly killed at least 10 militants:

Pakistan implemented a law yesterday that makes cyber terror punishable by death! It appears that things like hacking and creating a computer virus could result in the death penalty…

Syria has nicknamed Pres.-elect Obama “Abu Hussein”:

SpaceX is looking to fly private-sector space missions starting as early as 2010, including missions in the future to the space station:

Solar array of 20 solar cells created that is smaller than a dime:

Pres.-elect Obama might back an increase in the H-1B cap even during a recession:
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The unemployment rate is at its highest point over the past 14.5 years!

Samsung passed Motorola for the #1 cell phone seller in the US:

Microsoft is offering Verizon big money to switch its default search engine from Google to Microsoft:

Apple passed RIM (Blackberry) to be the #2 smart phone seller. However, with the release of the Blackberry Bold and Storm, I expect RIM to take the lead back quickly:

Nextwave lost $23.6 mil last quarter AND had has a one-time $196.2 million loss for discontinuing its network infrastructure business:

These stories about Gov. Palin, especially the one from Fox News, indicates to me that many in the Republican party do not want her to win in 2012:

White co-owner of a restaurant in Palm Beach, Florida told her black employees that they would be fired if they voted for Obama, wrote “KKK” on their timecards, and wrote “KKK” and “white power” over the notes posted in the back of the restaurant. She blames her Italian heritage and Fox News, but some of her employees definitely were upset with her actions and haven’t gotten over it yet:

Gov. Schwarzenegger’s plan to balance California’s budget would increase the sales tax 1.5% (to 9.25%!), plus add new taxes on theme park tickets, vet services, new cars, golfers, etc.:

This golfer had 5 holes-in-one in a single week!

Looks like San Diego State is going to have major problems with their athletic budget, with this rent agreement for their football team being the latest in a string of bad news:

Drunk Alaskan man was arrested for accidentally stealing a car. How drunk do you have to be to accidentally steal a car and how do you steal when you are that drunk and drive away with it?


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