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November 9, 2008

LOTD for November 9

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At least 20 people are dead due to an accident on board a Russian nuclear sub, the worst sub accident in more than a decade:

Merrill Lynch has had 5 straight quarters of losses and a 70% drop in its stock price. It is getting a bailout by the Federal Government (our tax dollars) and turning around and giving $6.7 billion in bonuses to its employees!

This article points out that $50 billion of the bailout is going to executive bonuses. When executives run a company in the ground and tell the government they need money or their companies will go bankrupt, should they really be giving out $50 billion in bonuses? The bailout was to get much-needed money into the credit pipeline…not to give the bigwigs big bonuses on top of their already big salaries!

Florida woman returned home after a 15-month tour of duty in Iraq so her family put up signs, balloons, flags, and other decorations…but this horrible homeowners association forced them to take them down even though other members of the association put up decorations in the past!

Aid to the Governor of New York failed to pay income taxes or file returns from 2001 to 2005…his lawyer said that his client has “late-filing syndrome”. I think that this is a bogus defense, since it states that this professional who makes more than $100k per year can do every task in life except for filing taxes. In that case, anyone who fails to pay taxes could claim the defense!

Newspaper in New Mexico printed the headline “Obama Wins”…when their bimonthly newspaper hit newsstands on October 27! Their “Special Collector’s Edition” could have been really, really special if McCain won!

The TSA plans to allow passengers to bring large bottles of liquids on airplanes starting sometime next year:

18-year-old driver in Oregon was pulled over for going 107 mph. Her excuse to the police officer was that it was hard for her to see because she was talking on her cell phone!

Utah moviegoers went to see High School Musical 3…and were shocked to see an R-rated movie called “Sex Drive” instead! The opening of that movie contained nudity, before the parents could get their young kids out of the theater:,5143,705258573,00.html

15-year-old star Miley Cyrus apparently is living with her 20-year-old boyfriend at her parent’s home:

Man in Japan was arrested for trying to burn down the hotel that where he was supposed to be getting married…he wanted to cancel the wedding because he was already married!

With the low birthrate in Japan, it is shameful that there are pregnant women dying because hospitals are rejecting them due to a shortage of obstetricians. One pregnant woman died after 19 Japanese hospitals rejected her!

Amazing that a bird can fly 7,242 miles non-stop. Alaska to New Zealand over an 8-day period!

Having a high IQ at age 10 is linked to higher levels of alcohol intake and drinking problems during adulthood:

Men who eat fast are 84% more likely to be overweight and women who eat fast are more than twice as likely to be overweight!


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