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November 10, 2008

LOTD for November 10

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DHL is stopping express deliveries to the US, closing all of its hubs, and laying off almost all of their US workers. DHL lost $10 billion in the US since it bought Airborne Express and tried to challenge FedEx and UPS:

The Coast Guard wants to buy its own aerial robots. They had planned to spend $1 billion on the Eagle Eye robo-craft as part of the Deepwater program, but with Deepwater’s budget going from $17 billion to $25 billion the Eagle Eye program was killed:

Carnegie Mellon researchers are developing UAVs that can fly safely close to the ground:

The Air Force nuclear corps has been having a LOT of problems lately. Failed safety inspections, fire burning for 5 days inside of the equipment room at a nuclear launch facility, etc.

3G iPhone users will soon be able to use their phones as modems for their laptops. Pricing is unknown:

The 3G iPhone passed the RAZR phone to become the #1 selling cell phone in the past quarter. The RAZR had been #1 for 3 years, what an amazing run!
Press release

The iPhone and tough economy has hit Sprint really hard. The 3G iPhone seems to have taken customers mainly away from Sprint and T-Mobile, but T-Mobile has the G1 phone now that is taking away even more of Sprint’s customers:
Article link

T-Mobile is going to have a HUGE ad blitz for the G1 phone. Over 2 days they plan to have a billion ad impressions:

Huawei is going to launch Android and Symbian phones in the first half of 2009:

I didn’t point out that NextWave’s dumping of their network infrastructure business means that end of their GO Networks, IP Wireless, and Cygnus subsidiaries:
article link

Dell announced “white spaces” capable laptops:

Google is also very happy with the FCC’s decision to allow white spaces devices:

Nortel is cutting 1,300 jobs and lowered its outlook. I hope that my friends in Dallas will make it through this okay:

Based on runtime specs and benchmarks this analysis says that Windows 7 looks and runs like Vista:

Hulu has pushed YouTube to offer officially sanctioned full-length programs:

As many has 10,000 websites were hacked over the past 2 days by a criminal group:

These off-duty Marines (based in Camp Pendleton) saved the lives of the people staying at this hotel. We actually saw this fire as we drove to Disneyland yesterday morning…HUGE fire engulfing the area and we saw the first fire engine get to the area. With the size of the fire at that time, everyone would have been dead if the Marines hadn’t gotten them out of the building:

I can’t imagine this working for many schools, but the University of Texas is looking to create its own sports network:


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