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November 11, 2008

LOTD for November 11

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Pakistan’s Army, Navy, and Air Force are trying to rapidly increase their UAV numbers. India is apparently quite a bit ahead in UAV inventory and capabilities and Pakistan is trying to close the gap, plus the UAVs can play important roles in Pakistan’s security forces:

Motorola demonstrated its 700 MHz OFDM-based broadband system for public safety systems:

Intel and the government of Taiwan signed an agreement to establish a center for open source development optimized for Intel Atom processor-based devices:

Some scientists are upset that the government wants to end the study of elevated CO2 effects on trees because the study has not been completed yet–the study has been going on for more than a decade and some a panel recommended that it be ended early due to the height of the trees. $55 mil of the planned $65 mil has been spent so far, and there is debate over whether ending the experiment early will have wasted the time and money spent so far or if not ending it will ruin the experiment:

Engineered cells fight against the HIV virus:

Microsoft’s CEO dismissed Google’s Android platform, saying that it is “way behind” and financially unsound:

Interesting chart that shows how the major US cellular carriers have done over the past year. Looks like Verizon and Sprint have added a lot of customers and Sprint has been losing customers quickly:

For churn, Verizon has kept its customers best, AT&T next best, and T-Mobile is the worst:

Looks like Verizon will sell the Blackberry Storm for $219 with a 2-year contract before any rebates or discounts (like new every two) are applied:

Verizon released an online user guide for the Blackberry Storm, which is supposed to be released sometime next week if the earlier rumors are correct:

Article about three specialty versions of Linux

Microsoft denies the report that it paid a Nigerian contractor $400k (that is probably a lot of money in Nigeria!) to switch school computers from Linux to Windows:

Study found that spammers that send all those sex-related ads can earn nearly $7000 per day, with $3.5 million revenue per year. I didn’t realize that people were clicking on all of those ads!

Sesame Street is moving to iTunes, YouTube, and Hulu:

British pilot suffered a stroke and became blind while flying…a military pilot was able to talk him through the landing:

Passengers on a crowded train going from Liverpool to London sat in silence as two passengers had sex. These weren’t teenagers either–the man is 49 and the woman is 41:


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