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November 12, 2008

LOTD for November 12

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British Royal Navy repelled a Somali pirate attack, killing two pirates. The pirates surrendered when the Royal Marines boarded their ship:

Portable nuclear reactor could power 20,000 homes:
Article link

Blind NASA engineer led a US team to receive data for a Soyuz spacecraft just days after Russia asked for assistance:
Article link

It appears that the Department of Homeland Security’s program to use UAV-based anti-missile systems to defend commercial aircraft will be canceled because tests have shown that the problem is more complicated and costly than anticipated:

The US lost a nuclear weapon in 1968 that still hasn’t been found (at least by the US or our allies):

Malmstrom Air Force Base failed its nuclear safety inspection:

Iran test fired a new missile near the Iraq border. Speculation over whether or not Israel will bomb Iranian nuclear facilities before Obama is in office has increased tensions in the area:

Homeland Security will track fertilizer buyers because agricultural fertilizers can be used to make bombs:

New near-perfect absorber captures nearly all of the sunlight that hits it, potentially leading to a new generation of high-efficiency, cost-effective solar power:

New solar energy material is the first to be able to simultaneously absorb all the colors of the rainbow:

New electronic sensor can potentially detect and categorize smells better than human or dogs:

Elbit just bought Innovative Concepts from Herley Industries for $15 mil in cash…companies with cash to spend can probably get some pretty good deals right now in acquisitions:{04FABE3D-CD1F-4D7F-B226-8367A55E2055}

Microsoft really wants to outbid Google to be the default search engine on Verizon…offering about $600 mil over 5 years, about 2x Google’s offer. The Windows Mobile deal with Verizon would bring the total deal between Microsoft and Verizon to more than $1 billion:

Pres.-elect Obama wants to “put his own stamp” on the FCC:

Anti-virus developer says that the G1 phone might not need anti-virus software:

The estimated bill of materials for the G1 phone is $143.89. The first 8GB iPhone had an estimated BOM of $264.85:
Article link

Nokia’s new E63 smartphone will cost just $250 *before* any subsidies! That is about half the unsubsidized price of other smartphones with similar features!
Infoworld article

Google is launching Google Flu Trends to give early warning for flu outbreaks:

Man in Florida was arrested when he tried to steal communion wafers during a church service. 6 or 7 church members held him down until police could come!


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