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November 13, 2008

LOTD for November 13

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Qualcomm gave up on UMB, so the 4G options are down to LTE and WiMAX:

The first photos of multiple planets orbiting another star show planets several times the mass of Jupiter:
Article link

Surgery by videophone is here:
Article link

The Obama team and the General in charge of the Missile Defense Agency are at odds over how Pres.-elect Obama refused to commit to putting interceptors in Eastern Europe, something Pres. Bush has been pushing for years:

DARPA just released a program to develop a flying car:

Secret rocket-ball weapon may be effective against weapons of mass destruction facilities:

San Francisco is deploying gunshot-location technology, and they found that it increases response times and is a big help to the police. Interesting that in one area only 21 of the 166 gunshot incidents were reported to police:

Meru’s “virtual ports” would replace Ethernet with WiFi:

Tech startups are struggling in Silicon Valley…though open source companies are doing relatively well:

The Blackberry Storm will be available from Verizon starting next Friday (11/21):
Press release

Verizon will also be getting the HTC Touch Pro on 11/24. Sprint and AT&T already has it:

Sprint is offering packages for employees in certain areas to leave the company:

SK Telecom had been discussing an alliance with Sprint since 2007, but they just ended those talks:

Starbucks launched their “Gold Card”, which provides 2 hours of free WiFi access every day. It costs $25 per year and includes a free drink, another free one on your birthday, plus 10% off regular purchases at Starbucks:

Australian man was kite surfing when a whale’s tail hit him on the head!


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