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November 14, 2008

LOTD for November 14

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The defense and aerospace industries are expected to continue to grow despite this economic slowdown:

Sticky bombs are now causing a lot of problems in Iraq–IEDs can be stuck under a car (via magnets), often without the driver knowing the IED is attached to his/her car!

The Coast Guard’s Deepwater project is trying to develop the first Coast Guard cutter that can do long-range missions with Navy ships. However, the Coast Guard never had SCIFs before, so they asked to set aside space for the SCIF…the first ship was commissioned without the SCIF being built and they hope to add the SCIF sometime soon. I’ve never heard of this after-the-fact SCIF addition and hope that everything goes smoothly:

Rumors are that Apple is making its own search engine:

Verizon and AT&T launched new Samsung phones today:

I’m jealous that the G1 phone is free through T-Mobile in Europe and now the Blackberry Storm is free to business customers in Europe!,1000000091,39551912,00.htm

The front page of today’s San Diego Union-Tribune had a big story on San Diego State’s problem with their football stadium lease. San Diego’s budget problems and SDSU’s poor attendance might force the football program to drop out of D-IA in a few years:

Villagers stole an Orthodox Church in Russia brick by brick, selling the bricks to a local businessman:

Woman discovered her husband’s avatar having sex with another person’s avatar on Second Life…and filed for divorce the next day:


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