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November 15, 2008

LOTD for November 15

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Mercury levels in bluefin tuna sushi (I love tuna sushi!) were so high that 6 pieces per week exceeds EPA levels of mercury!

This organization thinks that mercury levels in fish should not discourage people from eating fish:

Talking on a cell phone before going to bed can lead to insomnia and headaches:

Weight-loss surgery was found to be more effective than standard medical treatments (recommending diet and exercise, plus insulin and other medications) for obese people with diabetes:

Pregnant women who get the caffeine equivalent of 2 cups of coffee double their risk of miscarriage. It apparently doesn’t matter if the caffeine comes from coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or soda:

Boy was deaf in his right ear from 2 years old until he was 11…when a cotton bud popped out of his ear!–cotton-bud-pops-ear.html

I know that Lori and I lost one of the gift cards we got as a wedding gift, but I didn’t realize the problem was this big. About $8 billion of the $97 billion in gift cards that were purchased in 2007 have gone unused! Some states claim that money, other states let the stores keep the money, and some split the money with retailers:

Interesting study of bisexual women (by the University of Utah) followed them for 10 years, beginning with their college years, and found that they continued to be attracted to both sexes for the entire decade, alternating between male and female partners. The study also found that after 10 years, 89% of the bisexual women were in a relationship, more than either lesbians or straight women:


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